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Michael Christian’s Golden Child

Michael Christian may be a businessman by day, but by night he is a gear-obsessed, drumming machine. He even diagnosed himself with a rare disorder called “G.A.S.” And although we chuckled like kindergarteners at the name of his condition, we ceased... Read More

Axis A21 Laser And Derek Roddy Pedals Reviewed!

BY JAKE WOOD Everything is better with lasers. For instance, put a laser on a shark’s head and it becomes extra dangerous. Add laser sounds to your dance moves and you become unstoppable. Make a kick drum pedal with a laser and it … Wait, huh? Now, ... Read More

Mike Mangini’s Drum Kit

BY ANDY DOERSCHUK Mike Mangini took a page out of Billy Cobham’s drum setup strategy by designing a symmetrical kit in which the left side looks remarkably like the right side.“It has to do with the shapes that I see,” he told the Australian mag... Read More