Top Ten Free Music Software Downloads

BY JIM AIKIN There’s never been a better time to make music on a computer. All you need is a decently fast machine with a large hard drive, some non-cheesy audio I/O hardware, an Internet connection, and some patience. If you’ve got all that, you do... Read More

Mike Mangini’s Drum Kit

BY ANDY DOERSCHUK Mike Mangini took a page out of Billy Cobham’s drum setup strategy by designing a symmetrical kit in which the left side looks remarkably lik... Read More

Yamaha Absolute Birch Custom Drums Reviewed!

BY BRAD SCHLUETER Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drums are made from maple, birch, or beech and have been designed to allow drummers to mix and match shells to create drum sets featuring the sound characteristics they desire in a matching finish. This ... Read More

Big Dog Bass Drum Pedals & Hi-Hat Stand Reviewed!

BY JOHN NYMAN MIXED METAPHORS As everyone knows, the best way to accurately describe reality is through a really good metaphor. That’s why it seemed the moment I put the bite on these British-made Big Dog pedals, the canine-themed jokes and descrip... Read More

Tama Superstar Kit Reviewed!

BY BRAD SCHLUETER When Tama changed the Starclassic Performer shell composition from 100 percent birch to a blend of birch and bubinga, many wondered if it wou... Read More