Historic Collectible: Civil War Drums

BY CHET FALZERANO In our last installment we looked at drums made during World War II. Let’s hop back into our time machine and dial in 1861, the beginning of the American Civil War. Unlike WWII, when, by that time, most Americans believed that w... Read More
spaun drums

Classic Understatement: Spaun Drums Reviewed!

JON COHAN If you have access to the Internet, go to an online search engine and enter the words “custom drums.” To say that competition is currently heavy among drum makers is an understatement. Due to the easy availability of inexpensive ready-made ... Read More

A Few Words About Snare Wires

BY ANDY DOERSCHUK Do you know what a snare is? If you think it’s that drum squeezed between your legs, upon which you love smacking 2 and 4, we’re sorry to rep... Read More
DW Performance Series Drum Kit Reviewed!

DW Performance Series Drum Kit Reviewed!

BY BRAD SCHLUETER DW has just recently introduced a new mid-priced professional drum line that’s designed as a high-quality but affordable alternative for the multitude of drummer’s who desire a real DW kit but can’t afford the pricey Collector’s ser... Read More