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how to play snare drum

How to Play the Snare Drum – 6 Essential Steps

Despite its popularity learning how to play the snare drum isn’t easy, and it takes patience, practice, and time. The snare drum is featured in orchestral and marching percussion scores and is one of Western music’s most widely utilized instrumen... Read More
How to EQ Drums

How to EQ Drums: Ultimate Guide

Equalization is one of the most important tools for shaping the sound of your drum kit. A lot of beginners and even intermediate producers struggle with EQ-ing... Read More
Learn Drums Without a Drum Set

How to Learn Drums Without a Drum Set

When you're first learning to play the drums, it can be frustrating to play them as often as you want to, especially when you don't have your own drum set.  But that doesn't mean you can't practice! In fact, there are lots of ways to prac... Read More
how to pan drums

How to Pan Drums? The Only Guide You Need

The term panning refers to the stereo positioning of sounds. When you pan a drum, it means you place it in a particular position in the left or right channel of your stereo image. Panning is one of the most crucial things you can use to make... Read More