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Glyn Johns technique

What is Glyn Johns technique?

Who is Glyn Johns, the producer? photo by Johns is what some call a rock/pop producer who has worked with artists including Led Zeppe... Read More
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How to Play a Traditional Grip

One of the most important things to know as a drummer is how to play a traditional grip. Not only is it one of the three main types of grips, it's also a very popular grip among drummers. The traditional grip is also known as: orthodox gripund... Read More
french grip drums

What is the French Grip?

French grip is a playing position in which your left palm faces your right palm while thumbs are positioned on the stick. This grip allows drummers to perform at speeds that would be impossible with any other type of grips; it's perfect for finge... Read More
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How to Play German Grip?

German grip in drumming was one of the first grips ever invented alongside traditional grip. It is used more in the past than nowadays because many drummers... Read More
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How to Play Matched Grip?

What is a matched grip (overhand grip)? Matched grip is a way of holding both drum sticks the same way. In this grip, palms face down, and the stick ... Read More