If you are a beginner looking for a perfect place to start learning more about drums, this post is just for you.

 Learning to play drums through various drum lessons platforms shouldn’t leave a hole in your wallet.

 There are some great sources to learn to play drums; some are free.

 The best thing about it is that you can be anywhere since the internet has made it possible as long as you have everything you need to play.

 Today, we will go over the best drum lesson platforms, both paid and free.

Mike’s Lessons

Mikeslessons.com is run by one of the most accomplished drum educators, Mike Johnston. I believe this is one of the best places to start if you are still new to drumming or even want to polish some of your skills.

Mike has a fascinating personality and is very interactive with his audience. In addition, he is an excellent teacher and knows how to convey knowledge.

To unlock all content, you must become a paid member. However, it is well worth it since you will have many topics and courses available. All of them are entry-level, and after completion, you will become a master of that topic.

Mike’s Lessons is the best for drummers who want a more personal and individualized approach to drumming lessons. Also, Mike has weekly lessons with all of the paid members and always assigns homework for them to do. This is a great way to learn and grow.


Drumeo is maybe the best option for total beginner drummers. It has a lovely series of Drumeo’s beginner lessons which are excellent for newbie drummers looking to learn fundamentals or a base.

On top of everything, Jared Falk is a great teacher and can connect with new drummers and teach them everything that has to do with drumming in the easiest way possible. Drumeo has a channel, the “world’s largest collection of free drum lesson videos,” full of free and paid lessons.

These are one of the most valuable lessons you can find on the internet today, and they cover every single topic you can imagine. If you are searching for a solution to your problem, visit their channel, and I guarantee that you will, most of the time, find everything you need.

In addition, if you are a drummer looking for personal instruction, check out the Drumeo Edge course. It is only 240 dollars per year, and you will have access to more than a hundred courses and lessons dedicated to making you the best drummer possible.

Drum Ambition

Drum Ambition was initially designed to be the perfect source of drumming knowledge for beginner drummers. They have built a curriculum on over 20 years of teaching various students across the globe. Their lessons are fun but educational and will transform you into a complete new drummer.

Drum Ambition has more than 70 videos about drumming. Their homepage has a link that leads to 45 minutes of free content, which you can watch immediately. However, some content is paid. You have an option to start with as low as 19 dollars per month, and you will gain unlimited access to all 3 Modules.

The name of the previously mentioned plan is a Solo Plan. Now, if you are looking for a personalized approach to learning, check out their Pro Plan, which costs 29 dollars per month. You can even pay 199 dollars annually to save more than 100 dollars.

Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming is a good combination of audio samples and a virtual drumset with music notation. This combination has shown to be one of the best for easy learning of the beats and rudiments.

You can play their audio sample, follow the music notation, or watch a pair of sticks play the beat. Their website offers various lessons and is for all levels. They even have lessons for three classic songs: “Smoke on the Water,” “Hold the Line,” and “Roxanne.”

Virtual Drumming’s website is also one of the best sources to learn music notation if you are a complete newbie.


DrumTraxAPp is a platform run by several drummers performing in the Gospel drumming scene.

The idea behind the app’s name is that the platform offers a sheer number of drumless tracks you can be supplied with. In addition, there are also numerous lessons covering everything from rudiments, chops, shedding, and performing.

Teachers have a unique approach to the teaching process, and I think they are hilarious. There isn’t a single chance that you aren’t going to laugh at least three times for every single lesson you watch. I believe the platform is also excellent for somebody who wants to learn to play complex patterns and chops.

180 Drums

180 Drums is very similar to Drumeo, mentioned earlier in the article. The platform is a collection or, better to say, a library of lessons taught by famous drummers. It is run by multiple drummers who are great at teaching and only offer high-quality drum lessons.

There are more than 100 lessons, some of which can’t be found anywhere other than on 180 Drums. Every week, teachers add new classes, so you can constantly improve and learn new stuff or improve something that isn’t going for you so well.

There isn’t any course on the platform, but the lessons are designed systematically depending on your skill level. Everybody from beginners, intermediate and professional drummers can find something useful for him on this site.

Dave Weckl School

Some say he is a drumming Encyclopedia, but one is sure that Dave has spent his whole life developing different sounds and styles that inspired countless drummers worldwide. His platform features everything from technique, setup, musicality, and tuning.

It is an excellent option for drummers of all ages since it has tutorials for beginners, intermediate, and advanced ones. If you purchase a membership, you will get access to a private Facebook group where Dave teaches everything you need to know about drumming with his staff and famous artists.

You can exchange your feedback with Dave and other professionals, and occasionally there are webinars where you can interact with David in real-time.

Online Drummer

OnlineDrummer is one of the best free options to learn to play drums online. What is best about it is it offers more than 500 video and sheet music lessons, ensuring there is material for both beginners and advanced drummers. 

Maybe the website seems a bit old-fashioned, but don’t let the looks distract you from its essence, which is to learn to play drums for free and online. You can search for all kinds of lessons with PDFs. 

In addition, they have an excellent YouTube channel with a step-by-step approach, making it impossible not to learn. If you are suspicious about their legitimacy, you can hop to Google Reviews to see how other people rank their service.

Drum Channel

Drum Channel is founded by Don Lombardi, who is also a founder of Drum Workshop, Drum Channel’s YouTube lessons, live performances, interviews, and more.

He featured legendary drummers like Mick Fleetwood, Neil Peart, and Sheila E. Drum Channel offers a paid membership. It has a premium lesson library which starts from 10 dollars per month.

Premium membership includes hundreds of lessons and access to 12 courses by famous artists. You will learn to play drums directly from Chad Smit, a Red Hot Chili Peppers member.


YouTube is an excellent source of information for learning just about anything. And you know what the best thing about it is? It’s completely free. Some great YouTube channels teach just about anything related to drums. 

Here are some of the best YouTube channels to learn drumming online and entirely for free(keep in mind that some of these channels are already mentioned since they belong to previously outlined platforms in this article):

  1. 180 Drums – contains hundreds of lessons and is excellent for all drummers.
  2. Drumeo – features tons of education and is the leader in online drum lessons. 
  3. Alex Ribchester – maybe the channel is a bit small, but on the contrary, a lot of content comes out regularly.
  4. Mike Johnston – is the owner of MikesLessons.com. There aren’t many free videos on his channel since he prefers to lock most of his videos for premium users on his website.
  5. The Drum Professor – this channel is excellent since it doesn’t focus on specific aspects of drumming but puts more spotlight on breaking down the parts of popular songs.
  6. Stephen Taylor – he is usually a guest teacher on Drumeo. However, his channel is packed with incredible drumming content.
  7. Vic Firth – this company is a leader in making drumsticks, and their channel is filled with excellent drumming content.

Other than that, I can also recommend Siros Vaziri, a drummer who gained all his popularity on Instagram by simply posting easy-to-consume drum tutorials, and Jeff Randall, who also has a YouTube channel filled with helpful content and material to learn drumming entirely for free.