In this edition of drum news: Roland announces a budget-friendly e-drum kit; Pearl joins the drumstick business; Gretsch announces a new livestream web show; and Evans receives a grant to expand its face shield PPE manufacturing.

Roland Introduces Budget-friendly, Mesh-headed TD-07KV E-Drums

Roland’s latest addition to its acclaimed V-Drums series is the TD-07KV electronic drum set, a compact and affordable new kit retailing at $999. It includes Roland mesh-head snare and tom pads, large V-Cymbals, premium drum sounds, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and more.

The TD-07 sound module is filled with acoustic drums and percussion captured in precise detail in pro studios, combined with V-Drums technologies that make them behave just like acoustic counterparts. There’s also a wide range of electronic percussion, and editing tools for personalizing each sound, including pitch, damping, room sound, and individual EQs and transient editors. With onboard Bluetooth, users can call up tracks on a smartphone, tablet, or computer and wirelessly hear the audio through the module alongside the drums. MIDI transmission over Bluetooth is also supported, allowing users to record MIDI data in music apps cable-free.

The kit includes Roland’s PDX-8 8-inch snare pad with independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds, and three PDX-6A 6-inch tom pads with single-zone triggering. The kit also includes Roland’s CY-8 12-inch pads for crash and ride cymbals, a 10-inch hi-hat with integrated pedal, and a KD-10 kick pad.

The company says its new TD-07KV is designed to be quieter than other e-kits without sacrificing feel. Mesh heads minimize pad noise, while special damping in the kick pad reduces noise and vibration. The stand components are also designed to reduce vibration and noise transfer.

The TD-07KV also integrates seamlessly with Melodics, a Mac/Windows software application that offers a growing selection of free drum lessons to develop rhythm, timing, and muscle memory. Access to 40 lessons is provided for free, with unlimited lesson access available with a subscription.

Pearl Getting Into the Drumstick Business  

Nashville-based Pearl Drums has announced a partnership with Swedish company Wincent Drumsticks to distribute sticks in the United States.

“Wincent is a legendary European brand, but the hickory they use to make their sticks comes from right up the road from us, in Bowling Green, Kentucky,” said Glen Caruba, Pearl’s VP of sales and marketing. “We tested and scrutinized the sticks and player after player commented about how great the sticks felt and how long they lasted. We did not go looking for this opportunity but based on the superior quality of the product it seemed like this is the right time for Pearl USA to get into the drumstick business.” 

Wincent Drumsticks was established in Sweden in 1992. The sticks are manufactured using a stone lathing process with a unique wax protection applied that compliments the feel and durability of the sticks. Each pair of Wincent sticks is butt-end branded with the stick size, so when you look down into your stick bag the various sizes are easily identifiable.

“It has been a goal to partner with Pearl Corporation and now it is a reality, and we will make every effort to satisfy the U.S. market,” said Dan Nylén, founder & CEO of Wincent Drumsticks. 

The Wincent product portfolio includes drumsticks, brushes, rods, mallets, and percussion accessories like practice pads, drum keys, stick grips and tone gel. Pearl will begin accepting orders for Wincent products immediately and has inventory ready to ship.

Gretsch Announces Bi-Weekly Livestream ‘Heritage’ Show

Gretsch Drums is launching a brand new live stream show called “Gretsch Heritage,” bringing to life the brand’s rich history. The show airs every other Wednesday, and each episode will feature special guests who continue to play important roles in the ongoing story of Gretsch Drums today.

The first episode, which aired Oct. 14, is hosted by Lucas Von Gretsch, a 5th generation Gretsch family member. It looks at the early history of the brand, focusing on the company’s founder Friedrich Gretsch. Later episodes will chronicle the company’s history and reveal the challenges and successes of his ancestors.

The show is part of DW’s media production company Drum Network (DW is the parent company of Gretsch drums). Other Drum Network shows include DW Playlist Party, LP Stories, Gretsch Generations, Fitness Friday, and Get It Started. The shows are hosted by and feature guests on the company’s artist roster.

evans drumhead face shield

Evans Drumheads Receives Grant to Expand Face Shield Manufacturing

New York State and the Empire State Development Corporation recently showed their support for Evans Drumheads’ parent company D’Addario’s altruistic innovation, awarding the company a $341,000 grant to expand face shield manufacturing operations. D’Addario says it will use the grant to build four semi-automated “work cells” to improve efficiency, lower manufacturing cost, and double production capacity.

Evans started making face shields from its Evans G2 drumhead material in April, when manufacturing plants were shut down due to Covid-19. The company’s pivot to making personal protective equipment (PPE) allowed the factory to remain open to produce much-needed essential equipment for frontline healthcare workers in its home state of New York. D’Addario has sold almost 1.5 million face shields to date, primarily to hospitals and healthcare equipment distributors, through its Dynatomy subsidiary.

Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Hochul visited D’Addario’s Farmingdale factory on Oct. 23 to tour the facility and learn more about the company’s COVID-19 Face Shield Initiative. “At a time when we were scouring the earth in search of personal protective equipment, New York State’s manufacturers like D’Addario answered the call to support our COVID-19 frontline heroes,” she said. “We are proud to support our innovative manufacturers who are stepping up to save lives and are a model for how we build back better for the post-pandemic future.”