Are you thinking about purchasing a drum set for your kid? Great! 

Drumming is an excellent way for kids to express themselves creatively and develop motor skills. 

Invest in a quality set that will last them through their learning journey.

In this article, I will talk about the best kid’s drum set and all the pros of a kid having drums in their life.

Let’s begin.

Benefits of having a drum set for the kids

Buying a drum set for kids may seem like a noisy and expensive investment, but there are many benefits. Here are some:

Incentives for creative expression: Kids enjoy drumming, composing, and experimenting with rhythms. 

Improve a child’s motor skills: By requiring limb coordination, drums will improve coordination. This is huge because it can help with sports, writing, and other activities, not just music.

Release stress: It can help kids who have trouble expressing themselves physically and emotionally to relieve stress while playing drums.

Improve discipline: Drumming requires discipline and practice. Kids learn discipline and dedication by practicing regularly.

Gain confidence: Kids will gain confidence by learning a new skill and seeing their progress. 

Parents should also consider the noise and space requirements of a drum set. But, overall, a drum set can benefit a child’s development and well-being.

The 5 best kids’ drum sets available on the market

  1. Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Kit
  2. Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit
  3. Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit
  4. Ludwig Breakbeats
  5. Mapex Tornado

Factors to Consider When Buying a Kids Drum Set

  • Age-appropriateness: Consider a child’s age and size when choosing a drum set. A large or heavy drum set can be dangerous for a child to play with. However, a too-small drum set may not challenge a child as they learn. Look for kid-sized drum sets.
  • Size and weight: If the child moves the drum set often, consider its size and weight. A child can move and set up a smaller drum set with lighter parts. A lightweight, portable drum set may be better if the child shares it with siblings or other children.
  • Durability: Kids are rough on toys, so choose a drum set that can withstand frequent use. Choose metal or high-quality plastic sets. Some sets have protective covers or cases for transport and storage.
  • Sound quality: A kid’s drum set doesn’t have to sound like a professional set, but it should sound good. Drum head and cymbal material can significantly affect sound quality. Some sets have sound-tuning components.
  • Cost: When choosing a drum set, consider your budget. A more expensive set may have better components and sound, but a cheaper one may suit a beginner or younger child. A higher-quality drum set may last longer and cost less over time.

Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Kit – affordable and easy-to-use 

Who it’s for?

If you’re starting out as a drummer and want a good electronic drum set to start with, the Roland TD-1K is a good choice. It’s a good deal, and taking care of it should last you a while. But if you are an experienced player looking for an electronic kit to practice on, you should try it out first before buying.

A few things should be kept in mind. First, the pads are quieter than other options and are made of hard rubber instead of mesh. This might not be important, but most experienced drummers like mesh heads. Also, while the sounds and how the pads respond are suitable, higher-end kits are more dynamic. If you’re used to playing on a more advanced setup, that’s something to consider.

Built quality

The Roland TD-1K is an affordable electronic drum set for beginners. It has a bass drum, hi-hat, three toms, a snare pad, and three cymbal pads that fold up for storage.

Like most flat-pack goods, assembling the kit is easy but tedious. The rack is simple and lightweight, and the cymbal arms secure each pad. As a result, lefties can position each drum and cymbal in almost any way. The kit includes power, cables, and setup instructions.

A circular plastic piece with a rubbery playable section makes the hi-hat, ride, and crash pads the same size. The dual-zoned cymbal pads’ different sounds are excellent. Play closer to the center for a natural ride sound and hit harder. Moving the stick to the edges, the pads react differently, creating a crashy ride sound.

Freestanding hi-hat pedals have cymbal pads. It’s easy to use but different from an acoustic set. The hi-hat pedal is separate from the drum rack, so you can place it anywhere. Rubbery tom and snare pads respond well to a wide-stroke velocity. Durable and fun to play, they’re not V-Drum mesh heads.

The bass drum pedal is separate from the drum rack for changing players. The TD-1 drum module adjusts the pedal’s touch-responsive dynamic range. The Roland TD-1K is an affordable drum kit for beginners.


It’s easy to use the TD-1K sound module. You will only have to mess with menus or buttons that are hard to understand. The interface is simple, and it’s easy to look through all the drum sounds and extras.

To choose a drum kit sound, press the “Select” button and move through the four modes. You can choose from 15 different kit sounds, including pop, rock, jazz, metal, and even electronic drum and bass sounds.

The drum samples are good and go well with how the pads respond. They’ve also included a percussion set with bongos, congas, and a tambourine, a nice bonus. So, whether you like classic rock or Latin beats with a lot of funk, you’ll find a kit that fits your taste.

Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit – a wide range of customizable kits and a compact design

Who it’s for?

If you want a great electronic drum set for beginners that will stay within your budget, the Yamaha DTX400K is the one for you.

It comes with many great-sounding kits for all kinds of music and training programs to help you get better at drumming. Also, if you live in an apartment or a densely populated area, it will be great to rock out without bothering your neighbors.

But that’s not all. The DTX400K is also compatible with DAWs like Cubase, so you can record your drumming sessions directly onto your computer via USB and MIDI. When you connect it to your computer, you can even use it to play VST instruments.

The DTX400K can help if you are a beginner drummer of any age or want to try drumming without spending all your money. And what’s best? If you decide it’s not for you, you can quickly sell it without losing much of its value, as long as everything is in good shape.

Built quality

It’s got a setup that includes four drum pads, three cymbal pads, and two foot pedals, all held in place by a Yamaha drum rack. The rack comprises eight metal poles, and it’s super stable, so you can play away without worrying about knocking anything over.

The kit is adjustable to fit drummers of all sizes, so you can ensure it’s set up just right for you. The only downside is that there needs to be more room for customization regarding the configuration. You can set it up as a five-piece kit, but you can only deviate a little from it.

The pads are firm but bouncy, which is excellent for practicing stick bounces. They’re also a bit louder than other practice pads but not so loud that you’ll wake up the neighbors.

The hi-hat and bass drum pedals are lightweight and easy to reposition, and the hi-hat controller pedal changes sound samples based on your foot position. However, the hi-hat lacks subtlety compared to higher-end electronic drum sets.

Overall, this kit is great for beginner drummers who want to practice at home without bothering anyone or for those who want to get into drumming without breaking the bank. Plus, if you decide it’s not for you, you can always sell it without taking too much of a hit.


There are a lot of excellent drum kits on the DTX400K. There are 10 kits with 169 different sound samples, so you can rock out studio kits, electronic sets, and percussion sounds. Yamaha even gave you 10 places to make and store custom kits.

The pads respond to how hard you hit them, so you can make your playing pretty dynamic. However, remember that the bass drum pedal doesn’t have much between loud and soft, so you might have to get creative with your play.

Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit – budget-friendly kit for practicing and learning the drums

Who it’s for?

It’s great for people just learning to play the drums.

This could be a good choice if you’re looking for a cheap kit that will stay in the bank. It has everything you need to get started, like pads that can be changed and cymbals with two zones.

So, if you’re an experienced drummer or want to use this kit on stage, look elsewhere. This kit’s sounds could be better and might not work well in a live setting.

But that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a shot! If you add some VST drum instruments to this kit, it sounds great.

Overall, this is a good starter kit that won’t break the bank and can help you get started playing drums.

Built Quality

The Alesis Turbo Mesh drum set has some great features that make it a good buy for drummers on a budget. The pads can be changed, which is a nice feature for people who like to change how their sounds sound. The snare and the three tom pads are single-zone, meaning each pad can only make one sound.

The cymbal pads have two different zones, so you can get both an edge sound and a bowed sound. Even though they may not be the best cymbal pads on the market, they do the job for a kit in this price range.

The pedals that come with it are a mixed bag. On the one hand, the kit doesn’t come with a kick tower. Instead, it has an electronic foot pedal controller. This helps keep the price down and suits people who don’t want to pay extra for a kick pedal. But the pedal feels very different from a real kick drum pedal, like the ones on more expensive electronic kits.

Overall, the Alesis Turbo Mesh is well put together. The pads are made well, and the rack is strong enough to hold everything in place. Even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more expensive electronic drum sets, it’s an excellent choice for beginners or anyone looking for a reliable set at an affordable price.


E-kits generally don’t sound great, and the Alesis Turbo Mesh is the same.

Turbo Mesh includes ten drum kits for garage rock, jazz, and world percussion. They’re fine for practice but not for gigs. They sound flat to me.

The snare drum sounds softer when tapped, medium when hit with medium force, and loud when cracked due to three-step velocity sampling. Again, it’s evident on the snare.

Cymbal samples vary by velocity. Cymbal bows make bell sounds when struck. It’s not my favorite feature, but a dual-zone cymbal pad can produce bell sounds.

Drum VST instruments can make the kit sound great! Software sample libraries like Addictive Drums 2 and EZ Drummer can dramatically improve the sound, but you need a computer and the software. The quality difference is worth learning drum VSTs.

Ludwig Breakbeats – compact and portable kit with good sound quality

Who it’s for?

Drummers who want a portable and compact drum kit that still produces a decent sound quality will find what they want in the Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats kit. 

It is handy for musicians who play groove-based music and require a more compact setup for practicing in apartments, performing on the street, or playing gigs in venues with a smaller capacity. In addition, it is an excellent quality set for children who are just beginning to play the drums.

Built quality

Seven-ply poplar is used to make the shells. It’s not as fancy as other materials used by other brands, but it gets the job done. The bearing edges are cut at 45°, and the Blue Azure finish makes the whole thing look cool. It has a vintage look that I love.

The two toms come with Remo Pinstripe heads, an adorable thing about this kit. It also comes with its own set of velvet bags. Even though they aren’t padded, they work fine as essential gig bags and can be used as mutes when you want to practice quietly. Isn’t that cool?


Due to its small size and versatility, drummers love the Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats drum kit. The Roots drummer Questlove collaborated on this kit for drummers who play in small spaces or on the go.

Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats’ punchy sound stands out. Poplar and Asian mahogany shells give the kit a warm, resonant sound. Suitable for funk, hip-hop, and rock, the snare drum has a crisp attack.

The Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats bass drum is noteworthy. The bass drum sounds powerful despite its small size. Traditional bass drum pedals are sensitive and responsive, which helps.

The Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats drum kit has excellent sound and hardware. Touring drummers and gigging musicians like the Remo drum heads and sturdy hardware.

The Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats drum kit has a unique and versatile sound that suits many musical styles. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for drummers who are always on the move or play in small spaces, and its high-quality hardware and construction ensure that it will last for years.

Mapex Tornado – for beginners and intermediate drummers looking for a high-quality and affordable option

Who it’s for?

Drummers just starting out looking for an affordable yet high-quality drum set will find what they want in the Mapex Tornado drum set. Young drummers just getting their feet wet and want to hone their skills on a dependable and long-lasting instrument should consider purchasing this set. The set is also appropriate for adults looking for a financially feasible alternative for practicing at home or playing in smaller gigs. 

The Mapex Tornado set is an excellent buy for the money because it contains all of the essential components required to begin playing the drums, such as drums, cymbals, hardware, and a drum throne.

Built quality

The Mapex Tornado drum kit is a good drum set for young drummers. However, the drum set is a good choice for beginners because it is cheap, reliable, and long-lasting. The Mapex Tornado set includes a 5-piece drum set with 9-ply poplar shells, a 200 series hardware pack and throne, a pair of drumsticks, and a 2-piece cymbal set. 

The drum set has three different sizes: 22-inch Rock, 20-inch Fusion, and 18-inch Compact. The 20-inch Fusion kit is too big for a beginner, but it balances power and sound. 

The recommended and standard size for a drum kit is the 22-inch Rock kit. It has an extensive and exciting sound. The 18-inch Compact kit sounds tight and punchy, making it an excellent choice for people who need a smaller footprint. 

The drum set has Remo drum heads, which make a great sound and last long. The Mapex Tornado drum set is an excellent option for young drummers just starting out.


High-quality basswood shells give Mapex Tornado a warm, punchy sound. In addition, the balanced tonal response gives basswood shells a focused, clear sound.

The Mapex Tornado kit’s toms and snare drums have Remo drumheads, which are considered the best. Remo drumheads are durable and consistent, so the Mapex Tornado kit’s drums sound great no matter how much they’re played.

The Mapex Tornado kit includes high-quality shells, drumheads, and hardware to improve the sound. The drums stay in place and sound consistent thanks to sturdy hardware.

Mapex Tornado sounds good in rock, pop, and jazz. The Mapex Tornado kit is ideal for beginner and intermediate drummers looking for a reliable and great-sounding kit due to its warm, punchy tone, durable hardware, and high-quality drumheads.


In conclusion, to choose the best drum set for kids, you must consider several things, like size, material, sound quality, and safety features. Finding a drum set that is right for your child’s age and skill level and is fun and exciting to play is essential. 

Buying a good drum set can help your child learn how to play music, improve their coordination, and develop new ideas. With the tips in this article, you can confidently choose a drum set for your child that will give them hours of fun and musical exploration. Remember that a kid’s drum set is more than just a toy; it is an investment in your child’s musical journey.