best drum heads for recording

Best drum heads for recording

Do you want to have the best drum sound when recording? It's important to use the right type of drum heads for your kit, and this will create a clear, full-bod... Read More
best drum mics for recording

Best Drum Mics for Recording – 2021

For a great recording, you need a great setup, and this is where the drum mic comes in handy. Drum mics are essential pieces of any professional's gear and can drastically change your sound at the drop of a hat. So what do you need to know about dru... Read More
history of the snare drum

History of the Snare Drum

Eight Centuries of Innovation & Ingenuity Followed Beginnings as Military Communication DeviceBy David A. BrensilverThe idea of stretching a cord of some sort across a drumhead came about as a way to “do away with the pitch of the drum,”... Read More