best drum set brands

The 8 Best Drum Set Brands Reviewed

It doesn't matter if you are a new or a professional drummer because a good and reliable drum set is a must-have.  Popular drum brands out there offer different solutions to your problems.  Honestly, it all comes down to hardware. Th... Read More
how much are drumsticks

How Much are Drumsticks?

If you've been drumming for a little while, chances are that you have a favorite set of sticks that you're already familiar with. If not, though, choosing y... Read More
What are cymbals made of?

What are Cymbals Made of?

If you are a beginner drummer looking to buy the first cymbals, the question that usually pops up is: "What are cymbals made of?" Cymbals can be made of different kinds of copper alloys: Bell bronzeMalleable bronzeBrassNickel silver If you ... Read More
what are cymbals

What are Cymbals?

A cymbal is a percussion instrument made from metal alloys, which creates a sound when hit by a drumstick or crashes against another cymbal. Cymbals have be... Read More
best drum heads for recording

Best drum heads for recording

Do you want to have the best drum sound when recording? It's important to use the right type of drum heads for your kit, and this will create a clear, full-bodied sound that is perfect for professional recordings. In this article, we will guide y... Read More