In this article, I will talk about drum gloves and their use among drummers.

Many are unsure if they should use them and don’t feel comfortable using them, so what’s the absolute truth?

In short, you should use them if you feel comfortable using them.

But let’s dive in and learn more about drum gloves and their pros and cons.

What are drum gloves?

Drum gloves are gloves drummers wear to make it easier to hold the drumsticks and play for longer without their hands getting tired or losing grip. They have a bumpy or rubbery surface on the fingers and palms to help hold the drumsticks, and some even have cushioning to reduce hand fatigue.

Drum gloves come in different styles and are sold in pairs, and can be made of materials like cotton, nylon, or a mix of both. Some drummers prefer to play with drum gloves, while others don’t and use grip tape or wax. So it really depends on what feels best for each drummer.

Why do drummers wear gloves?

Here are some short points about why drummers wear gloves:

  • To make it easier to hold on to the drumsticks, so they don’t slip when sweaty or wet.
  • To keep the hands from getting blisters or calluses from playing for a long time.
  • Giving your hands more cushioning or support makes playing more comfortable and reduces hand tiredness.
  • In cold places, to keep the hands warm.
  • To make the drummer look or sound better, especially in styles like metal or rock, where gloves are often part of the performance outfit.

Should you wear gloves when playing the drums?

It’s up to the drummer to decide if they want to wear gloves or not. There is no right or wrong answer. Some drummers like wearing gloves to improve grip, protect their hands, or lessen hand tiredness. Other drummers prefer to play without gloves or use different ways to improve their grips, like grip tape or wax.

If your hands tire or you have trouble keeping a good hold on the drumsticks, gloves might be a good choice. Also, if you play in a cold place, gloves can help keep your hands warm and keep them from getting stiff.

On the other hand, you don’t have to wear gloves if you like how it feels to play without them or if they bother you.

Ultimately, it’s up to each drummer to decide if they want to wear gloves based on their wants and tastes.

What to know before buy?

Here is a guide to buying drum gloves that will help you choose the right ones:

Comfort: Try on gloves to see if they feel good on your hands. The materials should be soft and flexible and shouldn’t be too tight or too open. Some gloves have cushion palms, which can help keep your hands from getting tired when you play for a long time.

Grip: The main reason drum gloves are worn is to make it easier to hold the drumsticks. Look for gloves with rough or rubbery palms and fingers to make it easier to hold onto the sticks. Some gloves also have rubber or other materials added to the places where you grab them to help you hold on better.

Durability: Drumming can be hard on gloves, so looking for a pair that can handle regular use is essential. Check whether the seams are strengthened, and the materials are good enough to last.

Size: Ensure you get gloves that are the right size for your hands. Most gloves come in different sizes, so look at the size chart on the manufacturer’s website to find the best fit. When gloves are too small, they can be uncomfortable and make it hard to move around. When gloves are too big, they can slide around, making it hard to keep a good grip.

Style: Drum gloves come in various styles and colors, so pick a pair that fits your style and tastes. Some gloves are slim and simple, while others are more cushioned and have more support.

Before buying drum pads, it’s a good idea to read reviews from other drummers to see how they work in real-world playing settings. Then, try on a few pairs to find the ones that feel the best and give you the best grip. Lastly, remember that gloves can be helpful for playing but are unnecessary. Many drummers prefer to play with bare hands or other gripping tools.

What gloves are good for drumming?

Different kinds of gloves are good for drumming, depending on your wants and tastes. Here are some choices to think about:

Ahead Drummers Gloves: These gloves are made of a soft, sturdy material that gives you a good grip and feel while keeping your hands safe. They also have an open top that lets air in and helps keep your hands cool when you play for a long time.

Vater Percussion Drumming GlovesThe synthetic leather hand on these gloves gives you a good grip and makes them last longer. They also have a rubber back that helps absorb shock and keep your hands from getting tired.

Meinl Cymbals Drummer Gloves: These gloves are made of cotton and plastic materials, making them comfortable and easy to hold. The palm is also padded, which helps to absorb shock and keep your hands from getting tired.

Zildjian Drummer’s Gloves: These gloves are made of cotton and polyester, giving them a good grip and comfort. They also have cushioned palm that keeps your hands from getting tired.

When looking for drummer gloves, you should look for ones that give you a good grip, are comfortable, and last long. They should also let you feel the drumsticks and keep control of your playing. Also, trying on a few different types and styles is a good idea to find the one that fits you best.


Drummers wear drum gloves to help them play longer without tiring. They come in pairs and are made of cotton, nylon, or both. Some drum gloves have bumpy or rubbery fingers and palms to help hold drumsticks, while others have cushions to reduce hand fatigue.

Gloves help drummers grip the drumsticks, protect their hands, reduce hand fatigue, and keep them warm. Wearing drum gloves is optional. Instead, choose comfortable gloves with a good grip, durability, the right size, and a style you like. Ahead, Vater, Meinl, and Zildjian are suitable drum gloves. Finally, the drummer needs gloves that fit well and grip well.