By Nicolas Grizzle

This edition of Drum News covers how you can still register to view PASIC 2020 and register to participate in PASIC 2021, Yamaha’s DTX6-series e-drums, DW’s Dave Grohl Icon series snare drum, and Adoro’s “Silent” beater and sticks.

PASIC 2021 Artist Registration Open, 2020 Virtual Sessions Still Available to View

The Percussive Arts Society International Convention, one of the largest drum and percussion events in the world, will be taking place on November 10-13, 2021. Though the 2020 event, held last month, was completely online, “We are planning on an in-person PASIC 2021,” says the Percussive Arts Society, which hosts the annual event. “At this time we have no plans to make 2021 a virtual only event.”

PAS artist members are encouraged to apply now to perform in front of thousands of percussionists and drummers from around the world in 2021. Applications are due before January 19, 2021.

You can also still register to attend (well, watch the recorded sessions) the PASIC 2020 event. Registration is open until December 21, 2020, and the sessions will be viewable through December 31, 2020.

Yamaha Unveils New DTX6 Series E-Drums

Yamahas DTX6K3-X

Yamaha has released a new line of electronic drums, the DTX6 series. It includes the DTX6K-X, DTX6K2-X and DTX6K3-X models.

All kits include the new DTX-PRO module featuring the Kit Modifier, which allows for changing sounds alter sounds dynamically with EQ effects including ambiance and compression with the turn of a knob. It also includes new professionally sampled sounds and effects recorded around the world in renowned studios, with more than 30 preset kits and room for 200 user-defined kits. Improvements to the module include expanded polyphony and lightning-fast triggering speed. The module is compatible with all current DTX pads, as well as with other triggering devices and pads.

As for hardware, the DTX6K-X and DTX6K2-X include single-zone, rubber pads on the toms, while the DTX6K3-X has multi-zone silicone pads across the board. The DTX6K2-X and DTX6K3-X models come equipped with the new RS6 rack with “L” shaped legs for enhanced stability, top-of-the-line PCY135 cymbals, and a redesigned kick drum tower. The DTX6K3-X also includes Yamaha’s chain-driven HS-650A hi-hat pedal.

The DTX6 Series comes integrated with Yamaha’s popular and free iOS/Android Rec’n’Share app that allows drummers to record audio and video from the e-kit along with songs from their music library and easily share their performances with the world. Retail prices for the kits are $999-$1,799.

DW Releases Dave Grohl Icon Signature Snare Drum & New Pedal Colors

This month, one of rock music’s best-known drummers finally gets a signature snare drum, it it really couldn’t be more personal. Dave Grohl’s face is inlayed into the teal-dyed birdseye maple outer veneer on DW’s new 14” x 6.5” Dave Grohl Icon snare drum.

It’s also got the Sound City logo, a nod to the studio where Nirvana recorded the groundbreaking album Nevermind, as well as the title of Grohl’s documentary about the studio. Said Grohl in a press release, “This is something that blows my mind. I’ve never had my own snare drum before, and this is pretty beautiful.”

In addition to being a prized collectable, the drum is also highly playable. It’s made from 11-plies of North American hard rock maple with VLT grain orientation technology, and fitted with DW’s top-of-the-line hoops (triple-flanged) and wires, as well as it’s MAG throw-off with 3P butt plate. Of course, it includes a Deluxe DW carrying case, certificate of authenticity and Sound City hat. Only 250 of these drums will be made. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each snare will be donated to the charity nominated by Grohl, National Independent Venue Association. Retail price for this drum is $1,599.

DW has also released two new colors of its MFG pedal series. Called ColorBoards (retail $529-$1,099), this is the latest addition to DW’s flagship line of single and double pedals, as well as a direct drive hi-hat (bass drum pedals are available in direct drive and chain drive). The new pedals feature footboards and matching heel plates in three color options:cobalt, graphite and the original gun metal finishes.

DW says the new colors were inspired by motor racing. DW endorsee Thomas Lang, who you can and should check out in the video above playing the new pedals, said in a press release, “The first time I put my feet on a pair of Machined Chain Drive pedals it felt like putting on a perfectly tailored custom pair of shoes. Now I even have a palette of colors to choose from to perfectly match the style of my kit.”

Adoro Releases ‘Silent Beater’ and ‘Silent E-Sticks’

German drum and accessories brand Adoro has released a bass drum beater designed to cut bass drum volume in half without muting the drum.

Dubbed the Silent Beater, Adoro CEO Stefan Korth says it “provides an efficient and inexpensive means to reduce acoustic drum set sound levels in volume-sensitive situations like churches, school bands, acoustic groups, music classes, and home practice. Play as normal yet sound only half as loud.”

The beater (retail price $26), assembled by hand at Adoro HQ in Hamburg, Germany, consists of a barrel-shaped beater head of high-density shock-absorbing rubber affixed to a polymer rod set into a metal sleeve that fits any bass drum pedal. A Velcro-affixed contact pad of felt on the batter end of the beater head softens the blow as it and the Velcro compress upon impact.

“When the Silent Beater strikes the bass head,” says Korth, “the compression of the Velcro beater dot, the soft rubber of the beater, and the flex of the polymer rod combine to absorb the shock. The impact of the stroke is reduced, and that cuts the volume. There is no muting. Everything plays like normal, yet the sound level is cut in half.”

The company has also released a new set of drumsticks designed specifically to reduce acoustic volume when playing electronic drum kits. The Silent E-Sticks (retail price $24) build on the principals of the company’s Silent Sticks, using their Dual Loop Reflex Tips to reduce the pad noise of electronic drums and practice pads.

With their blue X-Grip handles, Silent E Sticks differ from the black-grip Silent Sticks in subtle ways. The X-grips are slightly larger and softer for increased shock absorption. And the tips are of a softer gauge of monofilament nylon that flexes more readily upon contact to virtually eliminate pad thwack while still triggering the pads as normal. “That touch sensitivity of e-drums means the tips of Silent E Sticks can be softer, more flexible and much, much quieter than any wood drumstick,” says Korth.