Sabian HHX Cymbals Reviewed!

BY JOHN NYMANSabian’s new HHX cymbals are a fusion of old ideas pounded into a shape that projects in a new way. Sabian calls the resultant secret mojo of t... Read More

Dream Cymbals: A Sonic Wake-Up Call

BY DAVID E. LIBMAN Dream Cymbals entered the global cymbal market in 2005, as a Canadian operation selling handmade cymbals from China. The brand may be relatively new, but its factory in China’s Wuhan region has produced world-class gongs for gener... Read More
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Zildjian Z3 Cymbals Reviewed!

BY JOHN NYMAN Zildjian has cut a bold and wide swath with the new Zildjian Z3 series of cymbals. Made from the “secret Zildjian alloy,” this is a large collecti... Read More

Evolution Of Mike Portnoy’s Drum Kit

BY ANDY DOERSCHUK Mike Portnoy has been one of the favorite cover story artists among DRUM! Magazine readers over the past 20 years. While he’s known for a brutal attack and complex coordination, one of his most colorful attributes has been Portnoy’s... Read More

Mapex Falcon Bass Drum Pedal Reviewed!

BY JOHN NYMAN A FALCON FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM The Falcon bass drum pedal from Mapex is sleek and refined. Rather than go for broad strokes of re-invention, Mapex wrought this pedals from intelligent, thoughtful improvements to the status quo. For s... Read More