Sleishman Omega Drum Set Reviewed!

BY BRAD SCHLEUTER A DOWN-UNDER FAVORITE GOES GLOBALUnless you live in Australia, you may not be familiar with Sleishman Drums, but the company has been making drums and pedals for our Down Under brethren for 30 years. Don Sleishman (pronounc... Read More

Tama Superstar Kit Reviewed!

BY BRAD SCHLUETER When Tama changed the Starclassic Performer shell composition from 100 percent birch to a blend of birch and bubinga, many wondered if it wou... Read More

Vintage Stainless Steel Drum Kits: A Brief History

BY ROBERT HENRIT The very first stainless steel drums came out around 1973, although companies had obviously been experimenting with them for some time prior to this. All-metal drum sets themselves were certainly not new, in fact America’s amazing ... Read More

Sabian HHX Cymbals Reviewed!

BY JOHN NYMANSabian’s new HHX cymbals are a fusion of old ideas pounded into a shape that projects in a new way. Sabian calls the resultant secret mojo of t... Read More
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Zildjian Z3 Cymbals Reviewed!

BY JOHN NYMAN Zildjian has cut a bold and wide swath with the new Zildjian Z3 series of cymbals. Made from the “secret Zildjian alloy,” this is a large collection of rock cymbals designed to be a niche offering that combines the feel of A Customs wit... Read More