French post-rock/metalheads Klone just released their new album, Here Comes The Sun, this past Monday via Klonosphere/Pelagic Records. In celebration of the release, the band is sharing their brand new lyric video for the track “Gone Up In Flames”

But DRUM! goes one step further. We’ve got the drummer play-through video of the cut featuring Florent Marcadet! Check it out here:

Klone is a band that combines its metal roots and historical influences into a cohesive and musically satisfying progressive stew. Fans of Steve Wilson or Anathema may find that Klone is a band you want to pay attention to. Here Comes The Sun is self-produced by the band in conjunction with longtime co-producer Francis Castes and sees the band evolve toward a more ethereal post-rock sound, without losing one bit of intensity.

Klone is:
Yann Ligner: Vocals; Guillaume Bernard: Atmospheric Guitar; Aldrick Guadagnino: Guitar; Jean Etienne Maillard: Bass; Florent Marcadet: Drums (also of recognized French progressive metal group Hacride); Matthieu Metzger: Sax / Samples / Systol Device.

Drum Equipment List

  • Pearl Reference Series (22, 12, 16)
  • Pearl Dennis Chambers Signature Snare (14)
  • 5000 DW pedal
  • Zildjian Cymbals :
  • A Custom Projection Ride (21)
  • A Custom Projection Crash (17)
  • A Custom Projection Crash (19)
  • A Custom Projection Hi-Hat (14)
  • Oriental China Trash (18)
  • K Custom Hybrid Splash (11)
  • Stack with A custom Crashes (18,19)
  • Evans Drumheads :
  • EC Reverse Dot Coated (14)
  • EC2 Clear (12)
  • EC2 Clear (16)
  • EQ3 Clear (22)
  • Vic Firth Drumsticks :
  • 5A American Classic
  • Microphones :
  • Audix, AudioTechnica, AKG, and Shure microphones Steinberg UR824 & MR816 audio interfaces