You’ve probably heard about Harry Styles, even if you are not into pop music.

His recent hits like “Adore you” and “Watermelon Sugar” will hardly disappear from your ears once you hear them on the radio. However, only true fans might know who Sarah Jones is and her importance for the music of Harry Styles. 

Before introducing you to Harry Styles drummer, we will briefly present the singer himself for those who somehow still never heard of him.

Who is Harry Styles?

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Harry Styles is an English musician, born in 1994. His career started in 2010 when he participated in the British television competition “The X Factor.” Besides singing, this talented young man proved himself as an actor, model, and businessman.

Harry Styles is also known as a member of the famous pop boy band One Direction, with who he won third place in The X Factor. They released five albums with hits like “Story of my life” and “What makes you beautiful.”

The band’s fifth album, “Made in the A.M.,” was released in 2015, and sadly it was the last one. Harry’s success is undoubtable.  As a solo singer, he won several awards, including the American Music Awards, Grammy Award and MTV Europe Music Awards. He dropped numerous tunes that quickly reached huge popularity.

There are talented musicians behind every successful singer who help him translate his musical vision to the audience and play an important role in the performance.

Although the support band usually stands in the singer’s shadow, especially as famous ad Harry Styles, they are surely worth mentioning. Therefore, let’s see who is the hidden hero behind the Harry Styles music.

Who is Sarah Jones? (Harry Styles Drummer)

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Sarah is a drummer, vocalist and songwriter, best known as Harry Styles drummer. Sarah is a fan of different music styles, from rock and metal, blues, to electronic, indie and pop that she sticks to these days.

When it comes to her drumming, she has a signature style. Sarah likes to mix electronic gadgets with classical drumming, making a perfect compound of the acoustic and manufactured sound. She uses a hybrid drum setup, combining Roland BT-1 Trigger pad with her acoustic drums.

Being a girl drummer comes with some obstacles, but Sarah was never discouraged by the fact. She knows what she wants, and her assertiveness and great talent got her connected with great bands and musicians, including world-famous singer Harry Styles.

Where is Sarah Jones drummer from?

Sarah Jones comes from Hereford, England. Growing up in the heart of the English countryside, she discovered her musical talent early.

On the weekends, her father’s friends would come and play music with him.  Sarah would sit and observe them, and then I’d join in. She began drumming in local bands soon after and went on to tour the UK and Europe.

Sarah was a part of many bands and projects such as Bat For Lashes, Kele, Jon Hopkins, Cold Specks, Hot Chip, New Young Pony Club, Geese, etc.

Being active on the scene since 2000, Sarah built a fulfilling career and created connections with people who recognized her talent very fast. Nowadays she is based in London, although she travels a lot when on tour with Harry Styles.

How old is Sarah Jones drummer?

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Sarah Jones is a 36-year-old drummer, born 31 August 1985. She has played the drums since she was 13, but her interest in music showed even before.

First, she played the piano, but it just didn’t stick with her. Lucky for Harry Styles and us, she discovered her passion for drums after a family friend left a kit at her house. Her cousin, who was learning drums at the time, taught her a basic beat.

Sarah began drumming in local bands soon after and went on to tour the UK and Europe. Since then, she has been banging the drums with huge love and enthusiasm. She was a part of many bands, including Bat for Lashes, Geese, Hot Chip, Bloc Party, NYPC and others.

Also, she has written and performed three electropop songs under the name “Pillow Person,” which is her solo project.

How did Sarah Jones meet Harry Styles?

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Being a drummer for Harry Styles’s backing band is what launched Sarah Jones into fame. The story of how she joined the band starts with the DJ “Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs,” who was signed to one of the Hot Chip guys’ labels.

His girlfriend was Harry Styles’ creative director, who was supposed to get a band together for him. Sarah got the offer to join Harry’s band, which caught her on vacation in Mexico.

She had never heard any of Harry’s music before, and she was pretty anxious about the audition knowing the singer’s popularity. However, the audition went well, and the rest is history. Sarah has been playing with Harry ever since his debut album was released.

So far, Sarah has played the drums and provided backing vocals for Harry Styles’s world tour 2017-2018), performance on Saturday Night Live (2017), his Grammy-nominated release “Fine Line” (2019) and international Love on Tour (2020-2021).

Who is Sarah Jones married to?

Her involvement with Harry’s band goes beyond drumming and back vocals. Sarah is in a relationship with the band’s guitarist Mitch Rowland, who has played in Harry’s backing band since 2017. They are not married yet, but in 2021 they announced she is expecting a baby.

Judging from the impression Harry Styles and his band members are giving away in the media, they are more than background support for him.

Harry is very open to suggestions coming from the band. The band members have a huge influence on his music and performance. They are very close friends, and together they make an enthusiastic and highly talented team, with each member equally important.

Sarah Jones definitely proved that she is an essential part of every band she played with, and we bet that Harry will stick with her for quite a while.