Enter Music Publishing Celebrates Rush In October Issue; Featuring Peart’s Perspective on Clockwork Angels

San Jose, Calif., — Neil Peart, the professor, just turned 60. Yet, like his drumming, his age defies time as he continually evolves and is recognized by drummers from all walks of life as an inspiration to drumming. And to recognize his ongoing achievements, Enter Music Publishing features Peart in a compelling, cover story in DRUM!’s October 2012 issue. This masterclass with the Rush stickman runs the territory from “Rehearsing to Rehearse” to current percussive feats on Clockwork Angels. The Lidman Lead DRUM! writer, David Lidman investigates Peart’s drumming on the new release. The article is a great read for many rhythmic reasons, not least Libman’s insight into what has made Peart’s drumming so succesful over his 38-year tenure with Rush. And Peart knows how to pontificate in prose. “I’m approaching my sexagenarian years, “ and Lidman notes, “which is not nearly as perverted as it sounds.” The Visual Voyage The article, as with all DRUM! covers, tells a visual story in addition to the editorial. Page 38, “Peart’s ‘Time Machine’ Setup really conveys the complexity and concepts that go into the design of Peart’s massive drum kit. “Peart once again proves that his drumming influences drummers from all walks of life. And he’s really on for this release,” said Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “I mean the guy won our “Best Drummer Category in our annual Drummies four times in a row. Thousands of drummers voted over that time. The reader really does get a fresh perspective on Peart in this article”

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