Casey Aaron Cooper, or “COOP3RDRUMM3R,” is an online video artist known for his videos on YouTube. He was born in Arlington, Texas, but now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was a drummer in GSU’s Marching and Basketball Athletic Bands. 

What makes him so different and famous in the drum world? How did he distinguish his sound from so many other great drummers, and how did he find his sound? Let’s find out more about Cooper Drummer DM right now!

How old is Cooper, the drummer?

Casey Cooper was born on the 27th of September 1991, which means that of this moment, Casey is 31 years old. He is an American drummer known under his YouTube channel name COOP3RDRUMM3R. He distinguished his style and sound by doing diverse drum covers, original songs, and drum lessons.

Casey Cooper Early Life

Casey Aaron Cooper was born in Arlington, Texas, but moved to Hiram, Georgia, with his family in 2002. However, he currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. While living in Georgia, Casey studied music technology at Georgia State University (GSU), where he played and still plays for their Rock, Marching, and Basketball bands. 

Casey also played in a school band back in his middle school days when he was around 11 years old. Also, around that age, Cooper started playing drums in church as well. In high school, when he was about 14 years, he started to play in a basketball band, and around his 19th birthday, when he went to college, he started playing drums in the marching band. 

Aside from his love of drums and music, he always loved playing sports. He played baseball, basketball, and soccer. He also loved playing video games whenever he had free time. Those passions drifted apart when he found his way as a professional drummer, full-time dad, and loving husband. But Casey still plays video games occasionally, loves playing with a ball with his kids, and occasionally plays music with his son.

Cooper’s First Drumming Steps

Casey picked up his first pair of sticks when he was six years old and immediately fell in love with the instrument. It is primarily thanks to his dad, who taught him to listen to music when he was a kid. He listened to Soundgarden and many famous bands when he fell in love with drums and music. His favorite ones, among many others, were John Bonham and Neil Peart.

Not long after, he received his first Pearl Forum drum kit at 8. Cooper had a few private lessons in the beginning, but he felt better learning on his own. His playing experience includes a wide range of genres, and he currently fills in for several Atlanta-area bands. In recent years, he has discovered his passion and talent for producing and recording videos on YouTube for broader audiences, such as drummers, musicians, and other viewers globally.

Casey Cooper Relationships 

Cooper was in an on-and-off relationship with Erica Schiller. She was also a full-time music student at GSU, but things changed when he announced his relationship status. He made a response to a commenter’s inquiry about his relationship status on August 20, 2014, where he revealed he was single. 

Not long after that, to be precise, in March 2015, Cooper announced in one of his videos on YouTube channel that he was currently in a relationship with Hannah Condrey. His engagement with Hannah was announced on September 29, 2015. As a result of their union, they now have two children: a son named Cadence Westin Cooper and a daughter named Carolina James Cooper. Right of this moment, Casey announced that he is currently building a Music Studio in his home basement called ‘COOP3R STUDIOS’.

Creating YoutTube Channel

In May 2011, Cooper decided to try his luck on YouTube under the name COOP3RDRUMM3R. He started recording and uploading videos of him doing drum covers and original songs, live performances, even lessons, and other videos relating to drumming and music. 

In less than two years, with a lot of effort, devotion, and a passion for inspiring, entertaining, and teaching people, Casey created something incredible. Today, his YouTube channel is currently the most watched and subscribed drumming channel in the world, but his channel is still growing at an astonishing rate. 

At this point, Casey’s channel has almost 2.7 million subscribers, where his most popular video counts over 35 million views. The channel is constantly expanding and reaches drummers and musicians from every country in the world as he strives to make videos that are entertaining and appeal to all musical tastes.

He enjoys playing a wide range of music and thinks having fun when playing the drums is the most crucial aspect of drumming. Both his playing technique and his videos are full of theatrics, passion, and high energy. With his videos, he hopes to entertain, inspire, and share his passion for music and the drums with all viewers, encouraging them to pick up an instrument and play it.

Casey Cooper Videos

Cooper has a lot of videos on different subjects, but he mostly does drum covers, live performances, and lessons. Casey’s YouTube channel skyrocketed when he published his cover of Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”

It was soon voted top on Reddit’s featured page and garnered 1,000,000 views within 48 hours. Aside from incredible covers and performances, he offers coaching to beginning YouTube drummers on making good drumming videos.

Cooper stated that when he does videos for his channel, he needs around 2 to 3 takes to record them. Unless it is a super tricky song, he must do it around ten times, or even twenty, before recording it. But he got much quicker and faster since he has done thousands of covers.

He doesn’t want to repeat countless times and record and show people that he never messes up. He wanted to show people that he was just like everybody else and had nothing against mistakes.


Cooper’s Drums Preference

Cooper was always a fan of the Pearl Export drum kit. Since he first started playing the drums, Cooper has preferred to play Pearl, and he loves and enjoys using this series kit when recording his videos.

Casey stated that he was always impressed and fascinated by incredible Export sound and look as well. If you have never heard of him playing, ensure to visit his YouTube channel, COOP3RDRUMM3R, and check out his incredible talent!

Casey said in one interview in 2020 that if he picked the best drum set for professional purposes, he would choose Pearl Session Studio Select kit. He believes this is the best set at a great price point and fantastic deliverability. However, if he had to choose one kit for the rest of his life, he would select the Pearl Crystal Beat kit because that set has followed him to one of his best performances ever and never failed him.

He loves the 23-inch sweet ride because it crashes incredibly regarding cymbals. Cooper loves purchasing drums from Sweetwater and Guitar Center, but his next favorite store is Home Depot because he loves designing and decorating his studio as well! 

Aside from that, he also loved and played Zildjian drums. He stated that his first Zildjian drum was a Zildjian 14-inch paper-thin crash. Believe it or not, Cooper break around 30 to 40 pair of drum stick every year. If we multiply that with his 20 years of drumming experience, he broke around 800 pairs of drumsticks! Well, Cooper is one hell of a drummer!

With his incredible talent, motivation, and creativity, Cooper continuously delivers incredible videos with educative materials and practical exercises in the most fun way possible. With such a combination, we do not doubt that Cooper has great things coming in the future, and we wish him all the best with his new studio and overall career!