74 Pieces Of Gear From NAMM 2019

Vessel Drums Owner/Builder Preston Parsons shows off his beautiful brass snaresQ drums had this a-maze-ing (sorry, not sorry) copper kit set upSJC unveiled its Josh Dun signature modelI call this RESoArmor finish from INDe Drums "Pretty In Pink"Another RESoArmor dazzler from INDeNew Colortone heads from Remo included purple......and pink!Remo's Sub Muf'l system allows for customizable bass drum head dampening with four removable foam piecesCheck out the abalone inlay on this Ambrosia Maple kit from Hendrix DrumsRBH, out of North Carolina, makes some stunning steam-bent snares and 3-ply kitsWFLIII Drums, owned by William F. Ludwig III, brought some classic-sounding kitsDunnett goes beyond titaniumThis cajon attachment fits one type of microphone, and it does so with a snug fit and sleek lookWinner for most adorable drum product has to go to Kelly SHU for its "baby SHU" internal mic shock mount for large tomsA&F with that 40" bass drum (why not?)A&F debuted its "bell" snare series with copper, steel, and brassLudwig has colors for every Tom, Thom, and TommyOh, yes, there will be brass at the Ludwig booth...Ludwig's Heritage line is a classy throwbackNickel over brass, perhaps? Ludwig thinks so.Lugwig brought back the classic look of the Jazz Fest series (fun trivia: Ringo Starr played a Jazz Fest snare. But his has a cigarette burn)Paiste brought back the Signature line with new size optionsPaiste's Extreme 2002 series takes the raw rock of 2002 and makes it... EXTREME!Danny Carey's drum set brought a lot of traffic to the Paiste boothIt's not a guitar, but Walkabout's cajon is wearable and, yes, walkableYeah, you'd need eight limbs to play this oneMapex showed off its new Black Panther Design Lab Cherry Bomb kitSonor busted out Steve Smith's drum set! (No, they didn't let us play it)Chicago Drum Company's Pretty Things finish is more than just pretty, it's a thing! But these Slingerland-style 3-ply snares sounded as good as they lookedFractal drums, a whole set of them. Pretty cool stuff from Chicago Drum CompanyTrick put the pedal to the metal and the metal in the pedal at this year's NAMM showBone Custom Drums brought a clear acrylic kitMusa drums had some fancy kits on displayHeadhunters highlighted some of its most popular drumstick creations, including cajon brushesDoc Sweeney's myrtle steam-bent kit was the fire AND the desireNordic's raw shells inspiring the DIY drum builders of the worldToneally keeps your sticks in lineGon Bops with that sick fade on its cajonsPercussion dream from TycoonPercussion nightmare, with a smile, from TycoonIt was only a prototype, but this full relaunched Rogers set made us *heart-eyes emoji*So did these Rogers snares in SO MANY COLORS!Tap on this tiny top before you can call your chops "wicked"Reymart's telling a story here, about pyramids and the aliens who built them—oh no, I've said too much...Dominion Cymbals' practice setZildjian's FX Stacks were a (sharp, cutting, biting) hitSolidrums is a company from Argentina aiming for a bright futurePork Pie Patina, anyone?The Killers' Ronnie Vannucchi is getting a European Beech kit just like this from Craviotto (it might just be this very set!)Roland's stompable TM-1 is an easy way to hybridize your kitBritish Drum Co. brought some nice snares from across the pondKEO brought some wooden goodiesKEO also brought some toys for the snare drumAtempo's inlay hand percussion familyIstanbul Mehmet's Legend Dry seriesInteresting metal options from Schlagerl DrumsSoultone brought this unique metal kitThe rebirth of Yamaha's Recording Custom kits was on full displayYamaha's new motorcycle-inspired bass drum pedals[robot voice] Tune Bot approves this intonationMasterwork's unique Elegance series cymbalsStarclassic Mape kit from Tama lookin' fresh!Tama's new Dyna-sync pedalTRX unveiled the bright-sounding ICE cymbal lineMurat Diril showed off its Arena series cymbalsSabian unleashed it's revamped AAX lineMuzzio Drums brought its acoustic-looking electronic drums and cymbalsWelsch Tuning Systems debuted a full line of single-point tuning drum setsDW even with a pared-down selection this yearDW's Pure Almond kit comes with roasted almonds from the same orchard as the trees used for the drumsPearl's Masterworks kit had an intricate design that was "tattooed" into the drumPearl was celebrating Blue Oyster Cult with this one: "Go-Go-RACKZILLA!"Pearl then got sultry with this "Lady In Red" Masters MapleI don't have a song for this Masters Maple, but it also sounded great

We took a lot of pictures as NAMM this January in Anaheim, California. Here’s 74 of the coolest drum products we saw at the annual music convention/trade show.