Enter to Win this Prize Pack from Yamaha and TRX!

1 Lucky Winner Will Receive:

  • Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 3-Piece Bop Kit
  • Stage Custom Steel Snare
  • EAD10 Drum Module with Mic Unit
  • HW3 Advanced Lightweight Hardware pack
  • 6 TRX Special Edition Cymbals
    Total Prize Value: $4,297 MSRP

*Hardware and cymbals in drumkit picture not included – Winner will pick from three shell colors and will and receive the HW3 hardware pack, EAD10 and cymbals as specified.


Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Bop Kit
The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Bop Kit Is a Small-diameter 3-piece kit featuring 100% birch shells that deliver the Stage Custom sound without compromise.  This is ideal for jazz, light session work, performances in small venues, and all-around second-kit use.


EAD10 Acoustic Electronic Drum Module

Instantly transform your acoustic drum kit into a powerful digital/electronic hybrid with sampled sounds and studio quality digital effects. The EAD10 allows you to play and record your acoustic drums along with your favorite artists from your music library or from tracks from your friends and share them digitally and it works with any acoustic drum set!  50 preset/200 user Scenes transform your acoustic drum sounds dynamically.

Just attach the EAD10 sensor to the bass drum and you can pick up overall drum sounds. With the free iOS app you can practice, shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances.


Yamaha HW3 Advanced Lightweight Hardware
The HW3 Advanced Lightweight Hardware delivers a compact and durable solution for the gigging drummer.  Pack includes two CS3 cymbal stands, one SS3 snare stand and one HHS3 hi-hat stand. The ensemble comes with a carrying case that was designed to fit all pieces, as well as most drum thrones and bass drum pedals. Each component in the hardware pack is also sold separately.

This modern-style hardware is made out of aluminum, with standard diameter tubing that also works with Yamaha System Hardware, offering a sturdy yet lightweight design for portability.


TRX Special Edition Cymbals
TRX Special Edition are handcrafted, hand-hammered, B20 cymbals that offer professional quality, sound and performance at a midrange price. The line features a wide selection of types and sizes and is available in the KX and AX Series. Special Edition KX is a hybrid cymbal with lathed and unlathed areas for a rich, dark sound while Special Edition AX has a highly polished surface and a bright, powerful sound.

The prize set will include 14″ Hi-Hats, 16″ Crash, 18″ Stacker, 21″ Ride, 8″ Splash, and 18” China. Winner can choose all AX Series, all KX Series or a “High Contrast” (mix-and-match) set-up.