It’s time to make your voice heard! Show your love for this year’s best gear by voting for your favorite drums, cymbals, hardware, pedals, sticks, heads, and more in the 2018 Drummies! Gear Awards. The winning results are in your hands, so please begin voting right away!

THE BALLOT IS OPEN AUGUST 15–SEPTEMBER 1, 2018. Click here to vote now.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Vote now, then tell your friends to vote, tell your family to vote, tell your pets to vote, maybe even tell your guitar player who thinks he’s a drummer to vote (because he obviously knows way more about drums than the person who actually sits behind the kit). That’s the beauty of the Drummies! — voting is open to everyone!

After you vote, why not check out some of our gear coverage from this year? And check out the results from last year’s Drummies! Awards.