KBrakes offer a solution to drummers who contend with bass drum creep, in which repeated strokes on the bass drum batter head cause the entire drum to gradually move forward and away from the drummer. KBrakes act as anchors for bass drum spurs with 512 stopping points that stop a bass drum from sliding, creeping, and moving forward as you play. These devices have 180-degree rotation capabilities to allow them to fold flat as the drum is packed into its case. KBrakes are also extremely durable and add no weight to a drum set.

The original KBrakes are designed to be used on a carpeted surface, though, rather than a hard surface. The company addressed this limitation by unveiling KBrakes Grips at Summer NAMM 2017. KBrakes Grips attach to original KBrakes or KBrakes HiStops to help drummers who experience bass drum creep while playing on hard surfaces such as wood floors, cement, tile, linoleum, and more.

For more information, visit www.kbrakes.com.