Available in a selection of Crashes, Crash-Rides and Hi-Hats, as well as Thunder Crashes and Splashes and two sizes of Storm Hi-Hats, the new CLS Series from TRX Cymbals combines a dark, warm, classic sound with an exclusive Retro-Gray finish. The extra-thin B20 Bronze cymbals are handcrafted by master cymbalsmiths and recommended for a variety of jazz, rock, and indie/pop drumming applications.

The TRX CLS Series was developed in collaboration with top European jazz composer/performer Lada Obradović.

“Our goal was to create a new cymbal series with an old cymbal sound,” says TRX president David Levine. “One of the vintage elements we’ve incorporated into the CLS line to help us achieve that goal is more evenly matched weights for the top and bottom cymbals of the hi-hats. During the 1960s, when rock drummers started keeping time on the hi-hats, cymbal makers started increasing the weight of the bottom hi-hat cymbal in order to achieve a brighter, more articulate sound. For CLS, we lightened the bottom hi-hat cymbal to take it back to that darker, trashier, pre-New Beat sound. The addition of removable rivet holes on the CLS bottom Hi-Hat and Crash-Ride cymbals allows drummers to add yet another layer of trashiness, as desired.”

For more information, contact TRX at 818-751-3257 or sales@trxcymbals.com,  or visit trxcymbals.com.