A new year is once again upon us, Drum readers, and with it comes the internet’s most glorious pastime: The listicle. We’ve compiled the top 10 most-read posts of the year on drummagazine.com, from essential drumming tips and grooves, to how to sound like your favorite drummers, and even your favorite apps (from 2016—hey editor, maybe it’s time for an update, eh?).

10. Get that ’70s sound in your rock, disco, funk, and country beats

How To Recreate Drum Sounds Of The 1970s

9. The Led Zeppelin drummer is inimitable, but we still try…

10 Ways To Sound Like John Bonham

8. The best apps for drummers

More Rockin’ Apps For Drummers

7. Triggering 101

All You Wanted To Know About Drum Triggers

6. 18 essential beats — from funk and reggae to punk and flat-tire shuffles

Vital Beats Every Drummer Must Know

5. Bass pedal features that make all the difference

Six Ways To Fine Tune Your Bass Pedal

4. An oldie, but still wildly controversial list of drummers who had the biggest impact on the instrument

50 Most Important Drummers Of All Time

3. An ergonomic primer on avoiding injury, sounding your best, and getting the maximum efficiency and enjoyment out of your playing

Back To Basics: How To Set Up Your Drums

2. Don’t have a practice space? Here’s how to create one yourself

DIY: Build Your Own Soundproof Home Studio

1. And, the most popular article, three years running, is (ahem, drum roll…)

10 Essential Tips Every Drummer Should Know