By Tiger Bill Meligari

This lesson features a rudiment known as the five-stroke roll. The first measure uses the open stroke version where we are playing double-strokes, while the second measure uses the closed roll version that has us playing buzzes. When practicing, as far as speed is concerned, you’ll find the limiting factor to be between the fourth beat of the second measure and the first beat of the first measure. Spend some time concentrating on playing those transitions in each of the two exercises. The trick is to be able to move cleanly from the closed roll (buzzes) into the open roll (double-strokes) in the first exercise, and from the open roll (double-strokes) into the closed roll (buzzes) in the second exercise.

Video Lesson
Watch the demonstration video, which explains how my approach maximizes both speed and precision when performing closed and open stroke rolls. Always use a metronome and practice slowly until you can make the transition between the two types of rolls cleanly with no tension. Then gradually increase the speed.

Practice Tips
Once you become familiar with these drills, you can apply the same practice patterns to all of the odd and even stroke roll rudiments. This will give you plenty of material to work on. The key to playing these types of rolls is to stay loose and relaxed and not let any tension creep up on you.

Now it’s your turn. Work on these exercises regularly so you’ll be prepared for the next step, which will take our five-stroke-roll workout around the drum set.

If you have any questions on this lesson, leave a comment for me below.

Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!

 Tiger Bill Meligari