On December 2, 2000, The Smashing Pumpkins performed its last show with the original lineup at the Metro, in Chicago, which was also where the band played its first gig in 1988. The 38-song marathon  concert concluded not just the end of a decade, but the end of an era.

In the above video, “An Ode To No One,” singer Billy Corgan shares a knowing wink with drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, who, despite the intensity and energy of the song, barely seems to break a sweat throughout!

Chamberlin and Corgan have reunited in later Pumpkin iterations — and, indeed, Drum editor Nick Grizzle recently reviewed their show in Oakland, noting that Chamberlin’s chops are still as rock-solid as ever.

For this Sunday Sounds, lose yourself in some ’90s, alt-rock nostalgia with this short documentary about the Pumpkins’ last show, and then read about Chamberlin’s complex drumming style, art deco kit, and learn some of his jazzy licks.

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