On April 14, 1980, English heavy metal band Iron Maiden released its debut album in the UK. (It would come out a few months later, in August, in the US.) At the time, Iron Maiden included Paul Di’Anno (lead vocals), Steve Harris (bass, backing vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Dennis Stratton (guitar, backing vocals), and Clive Burr (drums).

Burr played on three records: Iron Maiden, Killers, and The Number Of The Beast. He was replaced in 1982 by Nicko McBrain.

Though his stint with Iron Maiden was comparatively short-lived, Burr’s drumming style has been hugely influential on many metal drummers, including Slayer’s Dave Lombardo, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante, and Machine Head’s Dave McClain, who said Burr “brought punk rock drumming into heavy metal.”

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer for Iron Maiden after Di’Anno left, considered Burr to be “…the best drummer the band ever had. That’s not taking anything away from Nicko … It’s just that Clive had this incredible feel, and you can’t learn that.”

Enjoy some of the blinding speed and raw ferocity of Iron Maiden’s self-titled album below, and raise a silent stick for Burr, who died in 2013 of complications related to his multiple sclerosis.

“Phantom of the Opera”

“Running Free”

Skip to the 28-second mark if you want to forego the strobe-lighty jump cuts.

“Strange World”

For you purists, no, “Sanctuary” is not an original album track, but was released as a single in May 1980, and has been added to later editions. Including here for its awesomeness.

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