Soundbrenner, creator of the smart vibrating metronome, announces the launch of the Soundbrenner Pulse Body Strap ($29 MSRP), which is designed to enhance the performance and utility of the Soundbrenner Pulse wearable metronome, a device that attaches to the wrist. Soundbrenner Pulse replaces a metronome’s audible clicking sound with silent, tactile vibrations. The Pulse Body Strap allows for greater flexibility in positioning Soundbrenner’s wearable metronome.

Body Strap_04

“Usability and functionality are at the core of the design of the Soundbrenner Pulse Body Strap – the device needs to be held tightly enough to the body that the vibrations can be felt even with large body movements while playing music, but at the same time needs to be comfortable to be worn for hours at a time,” says industrial designer Ray Horacek, former Innovation Catalyst at Puma and co-founder of Anamaly Design. “This is especially important for drummers as some find it difficult to feel the vibrations from the Soundbrenner Pulse when wearing on their arms or ankle. We used multiple anthropometric data sets and user testing with musicians to optimize the size range to be able to fit most body types, but once you have adjusted the strap to your size it’s a quick and simple single step to put on and take off.”

The Soundbrenner Pulse Body Strap is available for pre-order from the company and will also be available for purchase at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend, and in Q3.

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