matt nolan cymbals

Matt Nolan Custom Cymbals are no ordinary slabs of bronze, but cymbals for drummers who want to make a statement.

The boutique British company use ancient techniques with hammers, anvils and fire coupled with modern materials to create playable works of art. All cymbals are built by hand. No automatic pressing machine involved.

Officially launched last spring at MusikMesse in Frankfurt, Germany, Matt Nolan Custom Cymbals got a great response from the likes of Ranjit Barot (John McLaughlin) who could be seen playing one of the company’s ride cymbals at the week-long convention. Other enthusiasts include avant-garde percussionist William Winant, classical percussionist Lisa Pegher, and Joe Travers and Billy Hulting (currently touring with Zappa Plays Zappa).

Matt Nolan makes a wide range of cymbals including rides, crashes, hi-hats, orchestral, cup chimes, as well as out-of-the-ordinary creations. Popular models are usually in stock but better hurry if you want a custom creation or one-of-a-kind cymbal since there is a waiting list.

Order online or visit Dave’s Drums (Ottawa, Canada); Drum Bazar (Montreal), Andy’s Music (Chicago), Maxwell’s (Chicago; New York), and Drummers’ World (New York).