SJC is proud to introduce Builder’s Choice Limited Edition drum kits, which are designed by a member of the company’s manufacturing team. SJC team members are both builders and drummers, and see every drum that comes through the shop. They decided that it was time to showcase kits that best represent them as individuals.

Builder’s Choice #2 was designed by Zac Paquette, a woodworking and finishing specialist. Paquette chose a 4-piece shell pack with a larger mounted tom and deeper bass drum — 13″ x 9″ mounted tom, 16″ x 16″ floor tom, 18″ x 16” floor tom, and 22″ x 22″ bass drum — to create a focused yet powerful tone that’s ideal for rock and metal genres. This kit is designed for any player looking for massive tone and versatility.

Claw-style wood hoops impart a warmer attack to the toms while adding a classic look and feel. Paquette created and applied a new charcoal burst finish for these shells with a dark grey stain that transforms to a faded black. The shells are finished in SJC’s standard satin topcoat that allows you to feel the natural grain of the maple.

The Builder’s Choice #2 Limited Edition Drum Kit also features Limited Edition Builder’s Choice Wood Badges Flat Black Hardware. Drumheads include Evans USA G2 Coated Tom Batters, Genera Resonant Heads, Evans USA E-MAD2 Bass Batter, and EQ3 Black Resonant Bass Head.

SJC Custom Shop drums are handcrafted by expert builders in Massachusetts, using the finest materials and techniques. From the initial shell preparation to final assembly, the SJC manufacturing process has been continuously refined over the last 17 years. All custom maple kits and snares are now crafted with the company’s exclusive 5-ply shells that give off a powerful and sonically rich tone. SJC’s bearing edges are precision cut and hand honed to ensure that the drums resonate and stay in tune. Every single drum is carefully inspected and tested to guarantee it leaves the shop meeting the highest level of quality.

Check out Drum Magazine’s exclusive video from SJC’s booth at Summer NAMM 2017, and for more information, go to www.sjcdrums.com.