Roland has expanded the respected V-Drums line with the new TD-1K, a compact kit designed to bring the quality associated with V-Drums beginning players, students, and everyone who wants to enjoy drumming at home.

Drummers looking for a beginner or practice kit will find the TD-1K features 15 ready-to-go drum kits for playing in most styles of music. Every drum sound offers a typical wide Roland sound and natural tone, and the pads provide an organic response that fully supports authentic acoustic playing techniques.

Though it is an entry-level kit the TD-1K incorporates some impressive, and expressive, features. The crash and ride include bow/edge sounds, support for cymbal chokes, and have a natural swinging motion when played. The hi-hat provides organic sound variation from tightly closed to fully open, and users can play heel splashes and other traditional techniques as well.

The TD-1 sound module includes built-in functions to encourage learning and enhance practice sessions. The metronome provides a timing reference and a powerful Coach mode offers engaging exercises for building speed, stamina, and accuracy. A variety of internal audio songs allow users to enjoy playing along with a complete band, and they can also drum with favorite tunes by connecting a smartphone or music player to the Mix In jack. Additionally, the module’s recording function can be used for capturing practice and honing drum skills.

The pad configuration for the TD-1K includes a snare, three toms, crash and ride cymbals, and a hi-hat with an accompanying control pedal. The kick pedal’s all-in-one, beater-free design provides far quieter performance in the playing room than a traditional pad/pedal combo. The sturdy, ergonomic drum rack is easily adjustable with just three knobs. The sound module includes USB-MIDI interface and a stereo out jack. The Roland Friend Jam application with jam tracks and the ability to interact with other V-drums users. In addition, the DT-1 V-Drums Tutor provides a dynamic interface for laearning notation and developing technique.

As far as options go, you’re not stuck with the base TD-1K kit. The kick pedal can be swapped out for a KT-10 or KD-9 used in more advanced V-Drums kits. Other available accessories include the NE-10 Noise Eater, TDM-3 V-Drums Mat, and PM-03 Personal Drum Monitor.

TD-1K users can enjoy making music with a computer via the sound module’s USB-MIDI interface. Roland’s free V-Drums Friend Jam applications include jam tracks, practice features, and the ability to interact with other V-Drums users around the world. For more in-depth education, the DT-1 V-Drums Tutor provides a fun, dynamic user interface for learning notation and developing essential drum techniques. USB-MIDI also allows the TD-1K to be used to record realistic MIDI drum tracks in music production software.

Overall, this kit promises to expand the beginning drumming market with a highly accessible, Roland-quality setup. Please visit Roland website.