Star Reserve Snare

Tama’s STAR Drums series’ has been lacking one key ingredient: metal snares. That problem is now rectified with the release of the Star Reserve Volume 4 Snare. It’s a mighty special model too, featuring a copper shell that is hand-hammered by metal craftsmen in Japan to reveal deeply harmonic overtones. Using a time-honored technique, each shell is shaped using two differently sized hammer heads. A slightly smaller hammer head is used on the edge of the shell, while the standard size is used on the shell center. This approach provides extra density and strength at the shell edges and contributes to the snare’s fat sound, rich resonance, and extreme dynamic range.

To complement the distinctive sound of the copper shell, TAMA uses its original 2.3mm brass customized flanged hoop. Compared to TAMA’s standard flanged hoop, the customized hoop has a reduced outer flanged edge design, producing a sharper and brighter attack. The combination of these two different characteristics: the warm, rich resonance of the copper shell and the sharp, bright attack of the brass hoops results in an original sound unlike any other snare drum.


  • 1.5mm hand-hammered copper shell
  • Two different sized hammer patterns
  • Customized Brass Mighty Hoop
  • “Liner-Drive” strainer & butt
  • REMO Coated Ambassador / snare side
  • STAR one-piece snare drum lug
  • Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon snare wire


Duo Birch 14×10

Some of the world’s greatest inventions were conceived by combining a few existing ones into something fresh and exciting. For example, phone + copier = fax machine. Bell + clock = alarm clock. And, now Tama has developed the S.L.P. 10″ x 14″ Duo Birch Snare.

Tama Duo Birch

Tama Duo Birch

The Duo Birch is a unique 14″x10″ birch drum equipped with snare wires on the bottom head and three floor tom legs for mounting. As a result, it can be used either as a floor tom or a snare drum, simply by switching the wires on or off. In either case, the sound is still very unique due to the dimensions specifications. The TAMA S.L.P 14″x10″ Duo Birch Snare will allow drummers to explore ideas and concepts they may never have considered using traditional setups.


  • 7-ply 7mm birch shell
  • MTB25E brackets equipped, MFLSL3P legs included
  • Sound Arc hoop (8 hole)
  • Starclassic lugs
  • Transparent Mocha (TPM) finish
  • Starclassic snare wire (MS20SN14S)
  • EVANS G1 Coated / snare side

The Duo Birch lists for $499.


Classic Bass Drum Pedal

Tama has also announced the new Classic Bass Drum Pedal, combining vintage design and modern functionality. The pedal is designed to be light, highly responsive, and durable in order to meet the demands of today’s playing conditions. The Classic offers several features designed to tailor its function to the needs of the individual player. The pedal’s foundation is a wire frame, which reduces weight and allows the pedal to fold-up for easy transport. The center strike height adjustment allows for dialing in the perfect impact point; making this pedal ideal for use with bass drums of various diameters. There is an easy-access spring adjustment for fine tuning. And, it attaches to the bass drum via the Easy-Tight Hoop Clamp, conveniently located on the right side of pedal.