Many newcomer drummers ask: How long does it take to learn drums?

Although there is no way to say the exact time you will need, people usually learn how to play drums in approximately two years.

How fast you will learn drums depends on your intention and effort.

We summed up the amount of time for learning drums regarding usual intentions you might have and added some tips on how to speed up the process.

Playing for fun

Drums can be a nice decoration in your room, but you need to learn some basics if you want to try playing them.

If you want to full around with drums and enjoy playing for the sake of playing, you will not need much time.

For learning how to hold drumsticks and hit the drum in the basic rhythm, you will need about 30 minutes.

However, if you want to learn to keep a solid, simple beat, you will need around three months of playing consistently with a metronome.

Here are some elements of building the basics.


Learn the basic coordination.

With one tutorial, you can learn how to hold the drumsticks and hit the drums.

You can try out different grips and techniques of playing later on.


Learn the basic rhythm.

You will find some simple but popular rhythms you can learn easily and start practicing.

You can start with simple rhythms and build up to more demanding ones, watching how you improve with time.


Learn how to keep the beat.

Try practicing with a metronome, and you will be able to keep a solid, simple beat after a while.

You can try keeping the beat as long as possible and experiment with speed to make it more interesting.

Playing with music

After learning the basics, you might want to practice playing along with your favorite song.

You will need around six months to be able to play along with the music if you practice approximately five times a week.

The following tips might help you with the process.

Keeping the beat

Try practicing the same beat along with the whole song to build your stamina and concentration.

Even though you practiced keeping the beat before, it’s not the same if you do it for a few seconds on a practice drum rhythm and throughout the song.

Standard rhythms

Practice standard rhythms of the song in parts.

You can pause the song after a certain period and practice small parts until you master them.

Drum fills

Practice drum fills.

Fills, or the transitions between parts of a song, are very important because they lead you to what’s coming next in the song.

Playing on the stage

If you want to be able to play in a band and have gigs, you will need more time to practice drums until you are ready.

You will need about three years to learn how to play drums very well and get out on the stage.

Some people feel they are ready for the live performance sooner than others, so it might also take less time for you.

It depends on many factors, including the confidence to go on stage.

Here is what you need to do to speed up the process.

Practice consistently

If you practice regularly for at least one hour a day, you will build solid abilities.

If you want to get into the groove of playing, the minimum practice time should be 30 minutes.


If you concentrate on your intention and plan, you can learn drums in less time.

Build the strategy, respect the schedule and focus on accomplishing small steps towards your goal.

Be confident

Try to work on the anxiety you might have about playing in front of the audience.

You may never feel you are ready to play live, but if you throw yourself out there, you might discover that you can do it sooner than you think.

When will you know that you learned drums?

There probably won’t be a moment when you will be sure that you learned drums.

It’s because there is always more to learn.

Even after becoming a pretty good drummer, there will always be room for improvement and learning new things.

If you aim to be a top drummer, you will need countless hours of playing and eagerness to polish your skill.

Here are some things you can learn as a drummer besides playing drums.


There are things you can learn only through the experience with live gigs and communication with band members.

You will learn what to do when you or other band members make mistakes or when some technical difficulties happen during the live gig.

Improvisation and adapting to new circumstances cannot come with practicing the beats, and that’s one of the stuff you will learn through your life as a drummer.

New gadgets

New technology offers a fresh wave of possibilities for drummers who want to broaden their experience.

Electronic drums, drum pads, and other gadgets can show you new ways to make the drumming more interesting and offer the audience something unique.

New techniques

You can experiment with new ways of playing the drums and learn new techniques that you never tried before.

Famous drummers and their techniques can inspire you, our you can build your own and create history.

Who knows, maybe you will create something never seen before and leave your legacy in the drumming world.


How much time you will need until you learn drums depends on your goal and the effort you are ready to give for it.

If you want to play just for fun, you will need about three months to learn the basics, while to be able to play along with the music, you will need at least six months of practice.

However, if you want to play with a band, it might take three years to master the skill. Check out our full guide here.

Whatever your attentions are, if you work hard and consistently, it will get you fast where you want to be.