Siriun is a new band from Brazil (land of metal) that combines a progressive groove with some traditional Brazilian influences. And, they’re tight.

Drummer Kevin Talley has hooked us up with a drum playthrough version of the track “Infected,” a song guaranteed to modify your immune system in a good way. Kevin, aged 35, is an American heavy metal drummer who is known for his work with Dååth, Suffocation, Feared, Sylencer and Nothnegal. He is the former drummer for Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Six Feet Under and Chimaira. In addition, he was the touring drummer for Battlecross in 2013. Kevin performs on ddrum drums, Zildjian cymbals, and Ahead sticks.

The Rio de Janeiro-based band was started by fleet-fingered guitarist Alexadre Castellan (guitar/vocals). To turn his ideas into reality he recruited Talley and his longtime friend Hugo Machado on bass. The first album In Chaos We Trust mixes utter heaviness with acoustic guitars and philosophical lyrics. Castellan tears it up throughout this track so he worth a listen as well.