The sound of drums will rumble across North America on Sunday, November 2, as ten Five-Star member drum shops launch the Big Beat. This effort will bring together the largest gathering of drummers ever assembled, celebrate the joy of drumming, and raise money for worthwhile causes. Not only will each location try to break the Guinness world record for the most drummers playing the same beat at one time (previously set by Donn Bennett Drum Studio, with 533 participating players), but the participants will also try to set a record for drummers in all cities playing simultaneously.

Big Beat events will benefit the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and in some cities, the addition of a local charity as well.

Patterned after similar events that have been held by Five-Star members in Seattle, Tulsa, and Houston, the Big Beat is the first attempt to coordinate efforts on a large scale, with the hope of expanding each year, until drummers across the globe are locked in on one worldwide groove.

“What started out as a lark has grown into the single most dynamic demonstration of the power of drums and drummers in our community, making this event the focal point of the Northwest drumming world,” said Donn Bennett, owner of Donn Bennett Drum Studio.

Donna Fisher, president of the Percussion Center in Houston, produced a Big Beat event for the first time in 2007 and called it “an awesome experience.” She elaborated, “The energy of having all those drummers gathered in one place playing simultaneously is something that’s hard to describe.”

Top Big Beat pledge-raisers in each city will be awarded prizes donated by the biggest names in the drum industry and there will be a raffle at all locations, with the national winner getting an authentic Ringo Starr autograph on a replica Beatles logo bass drum head.

In addition to Bennett and Fisher’s stores being involved, also included are: Buffalo Drum Outlet; Columbus Percussion; Drum World; Fork’s Drum Closet; Just Drums; Memphis Drum Shop; Resurrection Drums; and Stebal Drums.