What are cymbals made of?

What are Cymbals Made of?

If you are a beginner drummer looking to buy the first cymbals, the question that usually pops up is: "What are cymbals made of?" Cymbals can be made of dif... Read More
what are cymbals

What are Cymbals?

A cymbal is a percussion instrument made from metal alloys, which creates a sound when hit by a drumstick or crashes against another cymbal. Cymbals have been used since ancient times, and they play quite a big role in the overall sound of a drum... Read More
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Best drum heads for recording

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Best Drum Mics for Recording – 2021

For a great recording, you need a great setup, and this is where the drum mic comes in handy. Drum mics are essential pieces of any professional's gear and can drastically change your sound at the drop of a hat. So what do you need to know about dru... Read More

15 the best drum overhead mics

How to pick the best drum overhead mics? Before we talk about the best drum overhead mics, let’s discuss condenser mics used as overheads. There are thre... Read More