32 Stanton Moore

With Mardi Gras as his inspiration, New Orleans’ ambassador of funk is kick-starting another party, and a whole gang of new beats have been invited.
By Andrew Nusca

46 Barry Kerch

Drumming in a platinum-selling band isn’t enough for the Shinedown skinsman. He seeks nothing less than overall drumming excellence.
By Andrew Lentz

56 All Female Revue

An eye-opening look at the women who made history behind the kit.
By Kristin Bartus


69 River Guerguerian

The boundary-busting beatsmith breaks down the percussion/kit barrier — one frame drum at a time — and makes heads bob in the bargain.
By John Ephland

74 Product Test

Swan Percussion Corsoba Cajon Deluxe
By Gregg Juke

76 Lessons

Taku Hirano goes bongo bananas with a tasty plate of repique beats. Glen Caruba slap-a-diddles us into shape with some right-left workouts.


81 Drum Tracking With iOS

Turn your handheld Apple device into a portable DAW.
By Mike Snyder

88 Dialed In

New gear from Acorn Instruments, Tune-Bot, and Posse Audio.


95 Workshop

After all these years, George Lawrence Stone’s seminal Stick Control is still the blueprint for the beats that matter.
By Todd Bishop

102 Lessons

Billy Martin plays stridulation games with our heads. Wally Schnalle finds new ways to build sixtuplet-based chops. Rich Redmond jumps on the train track.


90 Mapex

Black Panther RetroSonic Kit
By David E. Libman


23 Reed Mullin

After a ten-year absence, Corrosion Of Conformity’s OG bruiser is back, and he’s got a few things he needs to clear up.
By Andrew Lentz

28 Jamie Levinson and Matt Clark

The double-drummer threat is in full effect in White Rabbits.
By Sam Pryor


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