Zildjian‘s Director of R&D, Paul Francis, demonstrates the new K Sweet series of cymbals, as well as the company’s City Cymbal Pack.

The K Sweet Collection compromises nine models including 16″ to 20″ crashes, 21″ and 23″ rides, and 15″ and 16″ hi-hats. Crashes and hi-hats feature unlathed bells for greater tonal spread and additional sound frequencies while the two K Sweet Rides are darker versions of the A Zildjian Sweet Rides.

The City Pack cymbal set is designed to deliver the legendary Zildjian sound for smaller-sized drum kits and percussion setups. The pack features cymbals from the A Zildjian Family including two new cymbals: the 18″ A Zildjian Uptown ride and 12″ A Zildjian New Beat hi-hats. The City Pack also includes a 14″ A Zildjian Fast crash.

You’re going to want to hear these cymbals!