These are some of my go-to warm ups before a big gig. I spend the first hour before I get on stage running through countless rudiments. Double strokes make up a huge portion of my prep time backstage. These exercises will not only improve your left hand, but the effects of working through double strokes like this will translate into everything you do on the drums. Nearly everything we play is made up of single or double strokes. We’ll start by learning each inversion (different starting position) of double strokes before we begin playing one directly into the other. Exs. 1 and 2 have us running through all the inversions with less and less time to think about what’s next.



  • Focus on one exercise at a time
  • Listen to each inversion closely
  • Try tapping your right and left foot while paying attention to where the downbeat is in each pattern
  • Don’t settle for one inversion being weaker than the rest — push against your weaknesses

LEFT hand sucks drum lesson

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