This is a great exercise pyramid for focusing on the weak hand. I still do it every night before a show. It’s rooted in rudimental drumming with an emphasis on strokes and taps. Taps (or accented notes) should be played softer and closer the head. Strokes should be played as full strokes and louder than taps. You can also play the accents as rimshots (my favorite). The last three exercises contain a rhythmic figure with a sticking that will throw the pattern to the other side of the body. This helps create the feel of a full phrase and gives the weaker side a quick break so you can keep driving the pattern home. Be sure to articulate each and every note. Go for consistency of sound. Practice in front of a mirror to study your technique and form. Have fun!



  • Pay attention to stick height and the sounds between strokes and taps
  • Use a metronome to prevent yourself from rushing or losing your place in the pattern as your left hand leads

left hand sucks drum lesson

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