If you’re a drummer, then you know about the White Stripes drummer Meg White. If you’re not a drummer, then you should still know about the White Stripes because they are one of the most influential rock bands of our time.

Jack and Meg created a unique sound that has been copied by dozens of other bands. Meg White, the drummers, was an integral part of that sound.

Who were The White Stripes?

They started as a garage rock band but soon became a planetary hit. The band’s first two albums were released to great critical acclaim and success, with “White Blood Cells” reaching number four on the Billboard Albums chart in 1997. The single ‘Seven Nation Army’ was quickly recognized for its iconic opening riff, which was created using an octave pedal.

The band’s discography is awe-inspiring. They have released six studio albums, two live albums and one extended play (EP) to date, with their latest album earning them the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2015!

Rolling Stone ranked The White Stripes as number 6 on its list of “The greatest duos of all time.”

These garage rockers introduced a new sound that would revolutionize modern music. They were recognized for using garage-style guitars and vocals with bluesy undertones in early singles like “White Blood Cells” or “Interstate Lovers.”

Their albums have been described as ranging from indie to alternative – each giving insight into what makes this band so unique!

Jack and Meg White are two artists who have successfully crafted an image for themselves through the use of unique visual motifs. Early in their career, they turned down a potential deal with Chicago label Bobsled because it would’ve required them to put a green logo on the CD.

Who is in the band White Stripes?

The White Stripes are a group that came into the music scene in 1997. They were made up of Jack White on guitar and vocals, Meg White on drums.

After drumming for several Detroit bands, Jack White founded his own group in 1997 with his then-wife Meg.

Jack White

Jack would spend hours listening to his older brothers play in the band Catalyst when he was younger. He learned to play several instruments at a very young age.

As a child, he loved classical music, but it wasn’t until elementary school when Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin came into the picture with its heavy sound. Working with their family friend Brian he discovered punk music, and together they formed a band.

Since Brian only played drums, Jack decided to take a guitarist role.

Jack’s first professional gig as the drummer for Goober & Peas came when he was 19 years old. They broke up in 1996, but fortunately, Jack persisted in becoming a professional musician.

Meg White

Like Jack, she was born and raised in Detroit. Before she met Jack, she planned to become a chef. She began working in a Detroit downtown restaurant called Memphis Smoke.

There she met Jack, started dating him and soon afterward ended up marrying him. Interestingly, Jack took her last name; his last name was Gillis.

They started a band in 1997 and got the first gig was at the Gold Dolla, a bar in Detroit. The band’s name (White Stripes) is a combination of their last name and peppermint candles Meg loved.

What happened to White Stripes drummer?

After White Stripes disbanded in 2011, we rarely hear from Meg. She is not officially involved in any musical cooperation.

She decided to stop touring in the middle of the tour in 2007, so they had to cancel 18 shows.

Since then, she has made very few public appearances. She appeared as on the Raconteurs’s show, Jack’s band and in Conan O’Brien’s show.

In the meantime, she’s married Jackson Smith, whom she divorced in 2013.

Is Meg White still drumming?

We haven’t heard of Meg for a few years now. As we know, she doesn’t have health issues anymore that caused the tour break before, but she is not drumming for any band currently.

Is White Stripes drummer any good?

Although White Stripes were once highly appreciated as a band ad as a musicians, that is not the case with Meg’s drumming.

Truth to be said, she is under average. Nowdays we have 12-year-old kids ripping it on Instagram so, the scale of “average” increases.

She never represents her as a drumming master, and we believe that’s not her goal, but she rather decided to focus on creating music.

Meg is a drummer who becomes widely known for her music, not for her drumming skills.

Are the White Stripes siblings?

No, they are not siblings. Jack and Meg met in Detroit, Michigan and began performing music together shortly after that. They married in 1996 and divorced four years later. They continue to work together on musical projects despite their split.

When they first rose to fame, the couple portrayed themselves as brother and sister.But, soon, hard evidence that this was not true emerged.

Jack and Meg’s love story is one for the books! The Detroit Free Press revealed that he was formerly known as Jack Gilles, but he took her last name.

Why did the White Stripes lie about being siblings?

Jack told Rolling Stone magazine in 2005 that he and Meg were trying to keep their relationship secret from the fans. He said it was important for them not to be distracted by what people thought about them, so they didn’t give a damn how everyone else felt when photos of him with his new wife showed up everywhere!

They were afraid that the press would lose focus from their music and write about their relationship.

What happened to the band White Stripes?

The White Stripes officially ended in February 2011. It’s for several reasons, as they explained. The band was something beautiful, so they decided not to ruin that and preserve its status.

In a 2012 interview with The New York Times, Jack said that breaking up the band was Meg’s idea.

“I think she felt like it was time for us to move on and do other things.”