From DRUM! Magazine’s November 2017 Issue | Text, Music, And Video By Gil Sharone

This lesson continues developing the lead hi-hat groove by using a funk inspired pattern. Even though this pattern can be played at any tempo I recommend playing it on the up-tempo side. Just like the previous lessons in which I went over steppers and rockers patterns (“Rockers With A Hi-Hat Twist,” August 2017, page 78), when playing this pattern remember to keep the feel fluid and smooth instead of choppy and forced.  You can incorporate this feel with reggae, hip-hop, and of course, funk.

Although he currently plays with Marilyn Manson and Stolen Babies, and has performed with Dillinger Escape Plan and Puscifer, Gil Sharone has had a lifelong love of Jamaican styles, reflected in his past work with Fishbone and Dave Wakeling, as well as on his DVD Wicked Beats, which covers Jamaican ska, rocksteady, and reggae drumming.