On June 30, 2017, Suicidal Tendencies drummer Dave Lombardo visited the studio of Kaaos TV in Helsinki, Finland, for a 13-minute interview prior to the band’s show at Helsinki’s Tuska Festival, as part of their summer 2017 World Gone Mad European tour.

In the video, Lombardo shares his thoughts on a number of topics, including his hardcore side project, Dead Cross — with Mike Crain of Retox on guitar, Justin Pearson of Retox on bass, and Faith No More’s Mike Patton on vocals — and the role of a drummer in any given band:


“Some drummers, they just play too much, you know, and they just don’t understand what it is to contribute to the body of work, to the body of music and what it needs,” Lombardo says in the video. “You have to contribute the right amount of input of your style. If you give too much, I feel that sometimes the value decreases. But if you just give it that perfect amount, then it’s good, it’s gold. So you have to be careful and not overplay.”

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