Featured Image Photograph: Anastasia Hedge

Via Billboard:

An 11-year-old Bruce Springsteen fan who had never played drums in her life got a big break when The Boss called her onto the stage and become part of the action at Tuesday night’s show in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hayley Dockrill, who attended the show with her family, was gifted with a sign by a fellow fan prior to the show mentioning U.S. President Donald Trump and drumming, which caught the rocker’s eye.

The sign — which read “I can resist Trump, but I can’t resist Max” — got Springsteen’s attention, and before she knew it, Hayley was onstage drumming alongside Max Weinberg on the iconic track “Dancing In The Dark.”

Hayley’s father, Chris, said it was a surreal moment for his daughter, who not only played in front of 30,000 people, but walked off with a present: a signed drumstick.

“Bruce came along and he just pointed the finger at her, so I lifted her over the security barrier and she ran up to the drum kit and started drumming away,” he told The New Zealand Herald. “It was perfectly in tune, but I don’t know how she did it because we don’t have any musical ability.”