Photograph: Gerhard Hühne

Vic Firth Co. in Norwell, Massachusetts, announces the new Benny Greb Signature Stick (SBG; price TBA). It offers a 5B shaft with a shortened tear drop tip for a focused cymbal sound and excellent rebound, and measures 16″ long with a diameter of .595″.

A medium taper places the shoulder of this stick in an ideal spot for durability. According to Vic Firth, to get a little more response than a medium taper typically offers, additional length is “borrowed” from the neck by moving the tip further up the stick. While increasing response usually requires changing the taper or length of a stick, Greb’s signature model does it all within a well-balanced 16 inches.


The tip is a shortened tear drop shape – smaller than what you might normally find on a stick of this diameter – designed to provide a more focused cymbal sound.

A German drumming sensation, Greb is known for his analytical and holistic approach to the drums to groove in any musical setting. An educator and a performer, he strives to share his knowledge and passion with future generations of drummers in his instructional roles at the Popakademie in Hamburg and the Hamburg School of Music. He became a Vic Firth artist in 2016.

Find more information about the Benny Greb Signature Stick from Vic Firth.