US Drum Supply Goes Heavy At NAMM With New “Fat Hoops”

US Drum Supply plans to launch new patented Fat Hoops at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show on January 25-28. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, US Drum Supply is the only company die-casting drum hardware in the United States. It offers a line of drum hardware and products, including its die cast hoops with wood grain finish, called Fat Hoops.

The hoops are manufactured using a premium die cast process and are constructed of aluminum rather than the zinc that is frequently used in many overseas processes. The wood grain finish, a proprietary process of US Drum Supply, is processed onto the metal to provide a real-wood vintage look with the stability of a hefty metal hoop. According to the company, Fat Hoops contain four times as much metal as its overseas counterparts, which allows for a denser, fuller sound that is great for rim shots and side sticking.