TransAudio Group, a U.S. representative and distributor studio recording equipment based in Las Vegas, announces that it is now representing Telefunken Elektroakustik’s flagship Diamond Series microphones. The series includes the ELA M 251E, U47, and C12 large-diaphragm condensers, as well as the ELA M 260 small-diaphragm condenser. These mikes are detailed re-creations of original 1950s era microphones.

The ELA M 251E, U47, C12, and ELA M 260 are available and ready for shipping.


In particular, the C12 (pictured) is a large diaphragm vacuum tube-based mike that is a viable choice for drum overheads, with a well-defined midrange response, focused low end, and smooth top end designed to provide “plenty of air without sounding harsh or artificial.”

The small diaphragm tube condenser ELA M 260 is also a choice for drum overheads, designed to capture sources with a natural presence. TransAudio Group states, “All ELA M 260 system packages are supplied with a set of three interchangeable capsules: the TK60 cardioid, TK61 omni, and TK62 hyper-cardioid. With all three capsules the user can have the flexibility to record their source material in any way they wish.”

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