By Tiger Bill Meligari

Here are a couple of my favorite workouts that will help improve your ability to place accents anywhere within a given sticking pattern. The pattern I’m using is a rudiment known as the single paradiddle. In the first exercise, I will be permutating a single accent throughout each single paradiddle. This permutation is often referred to as a grid. The second exercise will develop your ability to permutate double accents within each single paradiddle.

Check out the notation below before viewing the demo. In the video, note how the accents stand out clearly and don’t affect the sound of the unaccented notes. The two distinct sound levels are what makes the difference between the amateur and the pro drummer. To develop this ability, practice slowly at first and gradually gain speed but never play beyond the point where you can maintain control of each note. The accents will be easier to accomplish and keep distinctly separate from the unaccented notes, if you use the Level System. This is a system originally used and taught by George Lawrence Stone (author of Stick Control) and Billy Gladstone. It remains an extremely useful and popular technique. In a nutshell, you execute it by throwing your sticks toward the drumhead from two distinct levels: a higher level for accents and a lower level for unaccented notes.



Reverse Sticking For Additional Practice
Once you can perform these exercises cleanly and up to speed, work on them with the stickings reversed.

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Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!

Tiger Bill Meligari