By Tiger Bill Meligari

A while back I presented a two-part lesson based on a rudiment called the five-stroke roll, which consisted of playing both open double stroke and closed buzz rolls. Due to a higher than normal volume of feedback requesting more on rolls, I offer this two-part series based on open and closed rolls that are of a longer duration. In this lesson, we will be woodshedding three main exercises plus an additional fourth that lets you cash in on your creativity. If you yet haven’t seen my Five-Stroke Roll Workouts, Parts 1 and 2, I suggest you work on those before moving on to this one:

Tiger Bill Video Lesson: Five-Stroke Roll Workout – Part 1

Tiger Bill Video Lesson: Five-Stroke Roll Workout – Part 2

Video Lesson

Refer to the music notation and then watch the video for a demo. The key is to start slowly and gradually increase your speed, providing you can play the exercises without developing tension. Also, concentrate on making clean transitions between the open and closed stroke rolls in Ex. 3 while maintaining a distinct difference in sound between the two roll types.


Practice Tips

After you have the first three exercises down using both right- and left-hand leads, start working on the fourth. In this one, I want you to build an extended drum solo based solely on two techniques: open and closed stroke rolls while playing on a single surface! Forcing yourself to use a limited selection of stickings (not to mention a single drum) tends to increase your creativity. You’ll find yourself developing patterns you would normally never have thought of had you remained in your comfort zone with access to more stickings and more drums. Throughout these drills, as always, concentrate on staying loose and relaxed especially as you increase your speed.

Practice these four exercises on a single surface. In the next lesson, we’ll take some variations on these exercises around the drum set.

If you have any questions on this lesson, please leave a comment for me below.

Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!