Then And Now: Do You Remember The Seventies?


behind the scenesThe DRUM! Crew is at the PAS (Percussive Arts Society) annual conference in Indianapolis. Talking to a real old-timer on the convention floor I got to thinking about how many things have changed since this event started in the 1970s. The passion for music and drums on the part of attendees remain the same, but some of the tools, clothing, musical styles, media habits, and instrument trends have gone through many fashion cycles since then.

Then: Your dream kit had 8 toms and 2 crash cymbals.
Now: Your dream kit has 2 toms and 8 crash cymbals.

Then: 3-ply vintage drums were cool.
Now: 3-ply vintage drums are cool.

Then: Choose between a half-dozen drum companies and three cymbal companies.
Now:Choose between dozens of drum and cymbal companies.

Then: Paint your band logo on the bass drumhead in the garage.
Now: Order full color graphic drumheads online.

Then: Then: Flat, light hardware.
Now:Flat, light hardware is back.

Then: Watch your favorite band on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert Friday nights.
Now: Watch your favorite band’s show from last night on YouTube.

Then: Record company paid for your tour.
Now: Indiegogo fans helped fund your tour.

Then: You sold 500,000 records.
Now: You have 500,000 views.

Then: Lay down quick tracks for the demo.
Now: Program drum loops for the demo.

Then: Needed louder cymbals.
Now: Need quieter cymbals.

A young Ozzy revs up the crowd on a Don Kirshner’s rock concert performance.

Then: Your publicist got you a review in the local papers
where you played.
Now: Your publicist got you shares on influencer pages.

Then: A hit album kept selling for four years.
Now: A hit single keeps being downloaded for four months.

Then: Long hair .
Now: Long beards.

Then: BeeGees were the dominant artist of the decade (by number one singles).
Now: Rihanna is the dominant artist of the decade (so far).

Then: You could only afford an old beat-up kit.
Now: You pay good money for new kits that look old or vintage.

Then: Music and arts in every school.
Now: Music struggles. Art is gone in many schools.

Drums that look old: Ludwig Raw Brass snare.

Then: Played your favorite records till you wore them out.
Now: You listen to Spotify or Apple Music and skip around constantly to find new stuff.

Then: Needed to thicken a drum track so you grabbed a pair of maracas in the studio.
Now: Need to thicken a track so you load a hand percussion library on your computer.

Then: PASIC occupied a small ballroom in Chicago.
Now: PASIC occupies a giant convention center in Indianapolis.


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