Taylor Gordon, better known as The Pocket Queen, is an American drummer and producer. Born and raised in New Orleans, Taylor has had significant ups and downs in her fruitful career. 

Thanks to her Instagram account, she has become enormously famous in the last couple of years. With high creativity combined with incredible drumming skills and talent, Taylor created her own style and army, and she keeps growing by the day. 

Such a person deserves more attention, so we made The Pocket Queen Bio to get to know her a little bit better. 

The Pocket Queen Personal Info

Real Name Taylor Gordon

Stage Name  The Pocket Queen

Birth Place United States, New Orleans

Birth Date N/A

Nationality American

Zodiac Sign  Cancer

Parents N/A

Siblings N/A

Children None 

Social Media Instagram, Twitter

The Pocket Queen Early Life and Family

Unfortunately, there is a piece of minimal information that we have at this point about The Pocket Queen. Her private life is pretty unknown, including her significant other and children.

We know that little Tay was born and raised in New Orleans on July 16, 1990. As of this moment right now, Taylor lives in Los Angeles, California. 

She prefers to keep her private life private without exposing information about her siblings and parents. We know that she has a sister of unknown age that has her practice involved with medicine. 

Taylor comes from a powerful family of women entrepreneurs. Her sister, as we mentioned, has her medical practice, while her mother was once the CEO of her own company.

Even though being a doctor and being a musician is not the same, after she was accepted to Berklee, she realized that her music is healing people. So, in some way, she felt like a real doctor!

Acceptance to College and Finding her Groove

As a small-town girl, Taylor didn’t have a lot of expectations, but she always knew that she wanted to study at Berklee. Coming from not such a wealthy family, her mother immediately refused. 

Tay felt upset and went straight to her bedroom. Her mother came along and said, “Are you going to give up that easily just because I said no.” It was a very encouraging and breaking moment for Taylor. 

Even though Gordon had a few hometown options collage-vice, that moment was the crucial one that helped her achieve her dreams. She set up her standard of what she believes in and how to live the life that she wanted.

Initially, Tay thought she had to go to Boston to audition because she felt that if she auditioned sooner, she would have a better chance of getting the scholarship. However, in December 2007, she discovered that the college held the audition in Dallas, not so far from her hometown. Only a day after she found out, Tay auditioned, which was the very last day – the deadline for applying. 

Certainly, Taylor was not optimistic nor thought she would get the scholarship. But on the contrary, her audition was very pleasant and relaxing. She was low-key goofy and funny, which showed her authentic personality and was probably the main reason she got accepted, aside from her unbelievable drumming skills. 

Once in college, Tay was still a young drummer but very much pointed at church. Unfortunately, Taylor felt a lot of pressure to be something she didn’t want to be. Those styles of music were not even in her interest span whatsoever. As she says, she respects jazz music, but the stuff little Tay grew up on was like American bands Earth, Wind and Fire, and The Doobie Brothers. 

At that point in life, she knew she wanted to find her groove. She wanted to stay true to her style and what she was, and that’s how The Pocket Queen’s name was created.

Production Career 

While other students were very much drum-oriented, Gordon wanted to experience herself in a production world, and soon enough, she landed a publishing deal. However, that was different from the Tay hoped. She had so many close calls, but none of her beats would end up on the artists’ albums. Soon enough, Tay realized that she was risking her career with this and eventually dropped out.

A little bit later, another bad thing happened to Tay. While she was trying to back up all of her work on the hard drive, she accidentally deleted all of her work! To make things even words, Gordon had a meeting with Nico and Vinz, a music duo, that same day to have a session with them, but she had to deliver the bad news.

However, everything got how it was supposed to be. Taylor got a music video coming out and also a record coming out. Aside from that, Gordon loves playing the guitar and drums and makes the best groove when mixing those two instruments. 

Signing Momentum Record Label 

Soon after, Taylor moved to LA for good and signed the Momentum record label. But things were less satisfying than she had hoped for. After six months, she left the Momentum label and started making her own music.

Even though she tried her best, things didn’t work. At that point, Tay was devastated, but she knew she had to stay strong and believe in herself. Right now, from the current perspective, she thinks that it was a great thing because it would probably be even tougher to get out of a record deal if she stayed for the long run. 

As a believer, Gordon thinks that God works in mysterious ways; thus, she trusted the process, she was patient, and soon after, the wait and patience were worth it.

Derek Dixie, Super Bowl, and Her Own Creations

Just like any other day in her life, Gordon had the rehearsal at church. Once the rehearsal was finished, she headed to Chick-fil-A. While she was just having her food, Derek Dixie, an American musician, record producer, and musical director, approached her. 

He recognized her from her college videos and was amused by her performance. After introducing who he is, Tay was a bit skeptical because he seemed pretty “normal” for such a successful person. He got Gordon’s info and didn’t contact her for about a year. 

However, Derek called Tay and told her he had a tremendous opportunity: the Super Ball audition. Unfortunately, once Tay went on an audition, she didn’t get it. She was disappointed, furious, and sad. At that moment, Tay decided to go to her lockout and record some music. 

After recording her work, she posted it to her Instagram story and got an unbelievable response. She decided to post it on her feed, and that’s when it got viral with likes, comments, and shares from famous people. 

She fell in love with the platform and the response she got, so she started building it day by day. Little by little, The Pocket Queen started getting emails with different opportunities, events, and podcasts. 

Among many opportunities, one particular show in Florida made her realize that that was her true self; she didn’t have to play for people; she could do that for herself and make a living out of it. Soon after, Taylor made her merchandise and brand. Aside from that, Taylor also created a curriculum of her own and now gives private lessons for newbie drummers.

When finally things were in the right place, Taylor decided to launch her own music label, RoyalT Entertainment. With such experience, talent, and the incredible support of her friends, we do not doubt her success in the future!

Awards and Features

Gordon has had a lot of success and features throughout her still-raising career. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music Business after receiving a Presidential Scholarship.

Throughout her career, she has performed with numerous prominent artists, including:

  • Beyonce
  •  Musiq Soulchild
  •  Robert Glasper
  •  Tye Tribbett
  •  Michelle Williams
  •  Stevie Wonder 

Additionally, Taylor oversaw the musical direction of performances by American Idol winner Candice Glover, musician Ravaughn, and TV personality Wayne Brady. Taylor works with independent and major-label musicians while making her music.

Musical Preference 

Taylor’s music style represents a mix of jazz, funk, and pop. She has her groove. She’s not trying to be fast or exceptional, just herself. Gordon’s drum endorsements include Paiste Cymbals and Vater Percussion.