A special film screening and concert event — “The Capital Project Presents: The Final Concert” — has dropped its ticket price to zero, thanks to New Brunswick, Canada-based Sabian Cymbals’ generous offer to pick up the cover charge for anyone wishing to attend. “The Capital Project Presents: The Final Concert” takes place Thursday, November 2 at the Boyce Farmers Market. The concert lineup includes The Hypochondriacs, Kill Chicago, Little You Little Me, Motherhood, and many more.

This very special night is part of The Capital Project, a documentary series on the New Brunswick music scene produced by local filmmakers Tim Rayne and Arthur Thomson. The concert kicks off the 2017 Silver Wave Film Festival and will feature screenings of clips from the documentary, combined with a concert headlined by a selection of bands featured in the film. Adding another layer of significance to the evening, the concert and screening will be filmed to be used as the ending of the full feature, scheduled for release in 2018.

Sabian President AZ comments, “The Capital Project is an important documentary that explores and celebrates the musical landscape right here in our own backyard. Making it possible for the NB community to attend is our way of contributing to the crucial role that local music plays in our local culture, and enriching the lives of our young musicians and fans.”

The Capital Project is designed to capture a moment in time in the New Brunswick music scene,” says project director Tim Rayne. “Because this concert will become the end of the film, it’s crucial to get a great turnout, making this generous support from Sabian so important to us as filmmakers.”


The Capital Project will be released as both a documentary film and Web series, and will feature more than 100 New Brunswick band performances and 200 interviews with bands, solo musicians, music educators, theater performers, festival organizers, venue owners, and music promoters.

Production of The Capital Project has been made possible with support from Telefilm Canada’s Microbudget Project Program as well as the New Brunswick Film, Television, and Multimedia Industry Support Program.

Visit Sabian at www.sabian.com/en/home.

For more information, visit raynemaker.ca.

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