Sean Kinney: Off The Chain

BY ANDREW LENTZ There’s something about established rockers that follows type. Take Alice In Chains drummer Sean Kinney for instance. The outdoorsy 46-year-old,... Read More
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Steve Jocz Quits Sum 41

After dedicating the past 17 years to playing with Canadian pop-punk band Sum 41, the band’s founding drummer Steve “Stevo” Jocz yesterday tendered his resigna... Read More
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Tim Yeung: Blast Off!

“Charlie Benante was the first guy to really inspire me to play double bass — he was nuts,” Yeung recalls. “Anthrax’s Among The Living made a huge impact on me... Read More
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Chad Smith’s Red Hot Return

To order this issue, click here, or go here to subscribe. With a new guitar player, a fresh outlook, and their first album in five years, the red hot Ch... Read More

Sean Kinney: From The Ashes

Alice In Chains was supposed to stay dead. They know this. Everyone knows this. This is a band whose members had long ago offered themselves up as willing s... Read More
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Ray Luzier: Raw Korn

Ray Luzier Takes Nü-Metal Pioneers Back To Their Roots If you’ve ever seen Ray Luzier do a clinic, he comes off as more P.T. Barnum than pedagogue. In S... Read More