On this day in 1974, Chad Butler, the drummer for Switchfoot, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Butler co-founded the band along with Jon Foreman (vocalist, lead guitar) and Tim Foreman (bass guitar) in 1996. Other members include Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar, backing vocals).

The name Switchfoot comes from the surfing move of, you guessed it, switching your feet to change direction. (Butler is an avid surfer, as well as several of his other bandmates.) The alternative rockers originally got their start in the Christian rock scene. In 2002, they went mainstream when several of their songs were featured in the 2002 movie A Walk To Remember. After that came their major label release, The Beautiful Letdown, then a Grammy for Hello Hurricane, and a dozen or so albums later, they’re still rocking with their most recent release, Native Tongue.

Enjoy Butler’s rock-steady, deceptively simple, and straight-ahead approach to drumming with the following Switchfoot tunes, including “Dare You To Move,” above.


“Meant To Live”

“Love Alone Is Worth The Fight”

“Dark Horses”

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